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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

City of Beloit,   pp. 23-26

Page 24

the shire town of Rock oounty, and Rockford, Ill. The laud is 
undulating and the soil rich, varying in depth from one to 
three feet. The country about Beoit is admirably adapted to 
farming purposes, for which it is well used, by as an industrious 
and thriving population as can be found in the country. Rock 
county alone, produced more wheat last year than was raised 
in either of the New England States, and there are yet thous- 
ands of acres of the very best of land not yet under cultiva- 
tion. The rapid accumulation of wealth among our farmer, 
with the vast increase of population, which the constantly in- 
creasing resources of the country are developing, will make 
Rock county, in ten years, the richest and most populous, as it 
now is, the most intelligent county in the State. 
Neither good soil or good location alone make a good town 
or attractive home. Added to these they have the best of edu- 
cational facilities. Beloit College is ten'years old. It is an in- 
stitution of great value as well as great future promise. Its 
grounds are spacious and elegant, lying upon the bluff and 
overlooking the river for a long distance as well as the entire 
town. The College Faculty will om rein ability, energy and 
efficiency with that of any eastern colege, while the system of 
instruction is as perfect and thorough as it is elsewhere. With 
an additional building or two, which the liberality of the peo- 
ple will soon furnish, with proper additions to the library and 
apparatus, this college willbe equal to any other in the land. 
About one thousand students have been connected with the 
different departments of Beloit College since its commencement. 
Thirty-two have already graduated, and another clans will 
reach this point at the approaching commencement. 
The cole ge i j     pstly the pide ofthe city. It has hada 
orous youth and will rapidly ripen into the vigor and strength 
of manhood, no less an honor to the whole country, than it 
will be a great and valuable element of moral and social power 
in the community. People therefore having sons to educate 
and seeking for western homes, should look at our model city 
as just the place they need. 
The Female Seminary is yet in its infancy, having been in 
operation only about two years. Its teachers are among the 
best, and the system of instruction in use, is admirably adapted 
to secure the best results upon the upil. 
The erection of new and commodious buildings now in con- 
templation, will greatly increase the faclities of this Institution 
for permanent sucess. To those, however, who have dangh- 
ten to educate, this school presents valuable attractions which 
willbe     tly ineoreand when all the plans relating to It are 
more fully developed. 

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