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Owen's Janesville city, Rock County gazetteer, and directory: containing a complete city directory of Janesville; an alphabetical directory of the farmers and land owners of Rock County; also, a classified business directory, to which is added historical and descriptive sketches of Janesville, Beloit, Evansville, Edgerton, Milton, Milton Junction, Clinton Junction, Footville, Hanover, Emerald Grove, and other towns in the county

D,   pp. 64-69

Page 65

-Aim 1 r-rllf 
- I3.. beu',18WMqa*%. too 
Om Obek r16 N aekm. 
DMo R.L eoear r48bw 5 1%     usus 
Dino Fumule her, r Mae..!? a ar Imbl. 
2 )wy Deri ISo Temee. 
Dam~e Geoge, laboer,: rS Terries. 
-D"w G. R., malmem., r6" Pem& 
D~ey W. ila, slsur 89 T" s 
Pails William, butler, be ym Rom. 
Dad" mas. at, r 6 Qmlif.. 
Pa"l David, rit !a UuW. 
RUI.3. (Dals & Bro.,) b& SO N Aeadmy. 
K N.,(Dvlee&hBioj i)w8N Ademy. 
Wein & Bdrehe, (B. H. & D. Davies, Jr.') Wha a" redeiMbopbs
eeWIeN% Pr.,b%§ms queeM8e WONe. ste6, IT W MAIMes 
Duilee Job., gbee, So W Milwaskee, w 17 Chery. 
DwW eR~ebrd, alemog r & Mary% 5 w o Mbn.& 
h INu..A., wd., r80 SImhLa 
- David 4 3,  -e1, Bhpl*bswe, r 77W 81. 
3UYU Gorge W., nowte, Smith & M., r Acade  S llhe. 
Dule G.H, r WMilwakeeow Awmdmy. 
ftft ;am,Oa.P. &Mbum & 06, prp      1.,7 11 ad I21WMR.' 
-DevbSNilee, peddler, r 20 N 31.1 
K  Dvis iBWd, miemam, r Mili. Ame 
Divbs Samuel L., uboeuser, r 88 N Bluff. 
Dawm   bme lb" Mock dealer, at SO hrry. 
Dat MuAumd, r 54Higb. 
INy 11. fhale ad eoalmary, 24 B Milwaukee, Weo 64 N Mai% (um 
Doy Jeury, eareter, r Water at Hyatt 
Day Jobs 8, maeeblmllt r 5i4 Bigh. 
Air vow Cow frmn Carpnter ib    wat 

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