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Owen's Janesville city, Rock County gazetteer, and directory: containing a complete city directory of Janesville; an alphabetical directory of the farmers and land owners of Rock County; also, a classified business directory, to which is added historical and descriptive sketches of Janesville, Beloit, Evansville, Edgerton, Milton, Milton Junction, Clinton Junction, Footville, Hanover, Emerald Grove, and other towns in the county

B,   pp. 47-56

Page 55

ownt Api ;. ..  .. " Vn  Oki, .-. 
*owea'. Juavme, City ~ms~~ 
bum" Andy, espper, iN iver opp Bavine 
'Bahlin B. M., del*-r "5 Mlt6 As. 
Bwky -, mulle, r 42 a  aedm. 
But Antm, hmer, r IltVUg    oppodto JImphine. 
ftj 0. 3., prpr. City~very StBW, Biding. Milwakee bbdsm~w 
eOW  (oe m.) 
BuSp Augut, wood-deier, r Weaten Av. oppua e lemL 
Dw    Charlse, la, r Wsters Ay. betweem  osut end Lian. 
Bugp Fred., teamster, r w m Gherry 2  Western Av. 
Dugg William, wood dess, r Wewn Aw. opp, LocuL - 
kf l      ak, (Bump & Gray,) r a Raie. 
ft"    k Gry, (Ei.. R. and Fmk G.) deasles in gink, wool, nods sed 
dreid hogs offlee ad wareboe e  M. and 6L P. Freight DepeL 
Dump P. H. clork fight oee 0 ad N W R ILr S Raem. 
Bany William, boMr, r 4 N Milwaukee ove 1. Dy'. 
Bmb9W     u   b &  Bro.,) r   Rver, oppote Miaim  P Av. 
Dab    hbad, (Buob & Bie,) r 84 N iver, op Minral Pt Avmu. 
Bob k    O., (John end M1obA,) ls wmof NP. sed Cream Ale, fli 
Beer and Porter, N River opp MhAW Point Av[ [sdva .] 
BeArd    ., earrige trimmor, bds 64 1 Main. 
Berdk L D., drulat, r 9 Amdemy. 
Dviik & 0., awieg manesaogentud wood srver, all kinds of seg 
sle repaired, r 29 Cberry. [See Adv.] 
)ur*k L 3., LIno lounge d @A fame, 40 8 Asedsmy, r ME& 
urdlek & Wilo, [I .   nd 0 ] aeto is Roek end Wdalwh eus. 
ie, Dauntles Sewing Maohes, Jamneville, 6b W MHwauke. [OWL 
Burger Adolph, laborer, bdb Amerioan. 
Binm     J., r Diviion 1 8 ToIrd 
Blpm Mis J., waver, bds 3 S Fnklih. 
Bushm John, laborer, rn a on Jakuson nd OA. 
Dorrisgesa Mes Lydia r 62 High. 
30ahm B. 0., r 82 N Blut 
ftasbu     . 0. Jr., (Burnham'& Outta,) r 5 N 4th. 
DwuMum&Ottu(8. .B.Jr. AA. L Outts,) dealers In wadbes, 
ewelr   to  &a   Main. 
BI& Fred, lab., r irst (Monterey.) 
Se*   I    Sters Adwerteemen, poelt Druggfss 

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