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Janesville city directory, 1880. Comprising a complete list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, secret and benevolent societies etc., etc.

W,   pp. 150-157

Page 156

WEILS     COMMRIAL COLLNGU cannot be oezeo 
In a eourn of Business Training, Rang or Weft. 
WIL             156          woo 
Wilson William, blacksmith A. Wilson, bds. A. Wilson. 
Wilson William Y., bookkpr, res. a8 N. Bluff. 
Wilson & Tousley (A. 0. Vilson and W. A. Tousley), props. 
The Times, and book and job printers, Lappin's Block. 
Winans John (Winans & McElroy). res. 44 Washington. 
Winans & MeElroy (John Winans and Horace McElroy), 
lawyers, n. w. cor. River and Milwaukee. 
Wing Napoleon B., shoemkr A. Richardson & Bro., res. So 
Wingate Carrie, bds. 3 Locust. 
Wingate Charles H., clk. J. H. Wingate, rei. 3 Locust. 
Wingate John H., dry goods, 6 E. Milwaukee, res. 3 Locust. 
Wingate Mary J., bds. 3 Locust. 
WinkleZ William, htrnessmkr, Milwaukee St. Bridge. res. a. w. 
cor. Cornelia and Glen. 
Winkley William, jr., harnessmkr, res. a. w. cor. Glen and Cor- 
Winslow Frederick S., grocer, flour, etc., a  W. Milwaukee, res. 
.9 S. Jackson. 
Winters James, engineer C. & N. W. Ry., res. n. e. cor. Lo- 
cust and Galena. 
Wisch Charles W., barber, 3 W. Milwaukee, re. 98 N. Main. 
Wisch Herman F., barber, res. 98 N. Main. 
Wisconsin Shoe Co., Win. A Lawrence, pres.; G. W. Hawes, 
sec.; 2gS. Main. 
Witham Ward, loans and real estate, 8o S. Main, res. same. 
Withington Charles B., res. i? Academy. 
Wollots Anton, tailor W. C. Holmes, re. e. a. N. Bluff, 3J mile 
n. C. M. & St. P. Ry. track. 
Wood Addie, weaver cotton mill, res. cor. Chatham and Center. 
Wood David H., carpenter and builder, a. a. Wall, a w. 
N. River, rcs. 42 Terrace. 
Wood James card stripper. re. a. w. cor. Chatham and Center. 
Wood Mary, domestic J. L. Ford. 
Wood Royal, livery, res. 6 Cornelia. 
Wood Samuel C., agricultural implements, office City Hotel, 
res. same. 
Wood W. B., mechanic cotton mill, rea. 34 N. Franklin. 
Woodruff Baker, ship. clk. Wis. Shoe Co., re. Bluff. 
Woodruff George, bookkpr H. S. Woodruff & Co., rea. 44 
Woodruff Henry S. (H. S. Woodruff & Co.), rs. 44Jackson. 
Woodruff H. S. & Co. (Henry S. Woodruff and -    ), paten- 
tees and mnfra. Champion Trace Buckle, e. a. Franklin, a. 

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