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Janesville city directory, 1880. Comprising a complete list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, secret and benevolent societies etc., etc.

T,   pp. 145-149

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Tracy D. G. Mrs., res. 9 S. Franklin. 
Tracy Edgar G., clk. J. H. Wingate, bds. Pember House. 
Traders Ins. Co. of Chicago, Ill., J. G. Sae, agt., n. 
e. cor. E. Milwaukee and Main. 
Trafton Hans, cabinetmkr., res. 73 River. 
Tramblie Jonas, shoemkr Wis. Shoe Co., res. cor. Lincoln and 
Tramblie Louis, shoe bottomer Wis. Shoe Co., res. 97 N. Main. 
Treten Charles, lab. H. S. Woodruff. 
Trinity Church (Episcopal), n. w. cor. Jackson and Bluff, Rev. 
Thomas W. MacLean, rector. 
Trinwith Edward, lab., res. Sharon nr. Delavan rd. 
Trinwith Mary, domesic A. M. Valentine. 
Tripp A. Jackson, engineer C. & N. W. Ry., res. e. . Centre 
av., 3 s. Holmes. 
Troften Hans (M. Hanson & Co.), res. 73 S. River. 
Trott Charles W., grocer, 26 E. Milwaukee, res. n. s. S. ad, 3 e. 
Trotter Andrew, clk., bds. io N. Main. 
Truesdell Adelbert A., tinner N. Griswold, bds. City Hotel. 
Truesdell Caleb V., lab., res. 55 Jackson. 
Trulson Stengr:m (Trulson & Peterson), res. 5a Washington. 
Trulson Theodore, res. $2 Washington. 
Trulson & Peterson (Stengrim Trulson and C. C. Peterson), 
boots and shoes, 36 N. Main. 
Trustem Carrie, domestic, 54 Washington. 
Tubbs Arthur, tel. opr., bas. 66 Centre av. 
Tuckwood Cahrles H., marble cutter T. Tuckwood, res. 36 Lin- 
Tuekwood Johns marble works, i N. Franklin, ros. cor. 
Cherry and Washington. 
Tuckwood's String Band, J. M. Smith, leader, i N. Franklin. 
Tuckwood William, machinist Harris Mnfg. Co., res. 36 Lin- 
Tullah Mary, re. 7$ N. Main. 
Tully Mary, domesttc John J. R. Pease. 
Turner Charles F., photographer, 16 W. Milwaukee, re. $ 
Turner Lottie, tailoresa, res.35 E. Milwaukee. 
Turner Mottle, fitter Wis. Shoe Co., bds. s. w. cor. River and 
S. ad. 
Tuttle Chester H., paper carrier, bds. 42 Lincoln. 
Tuttle Della E., fitter Wis. Shoe Co., bds. 4a Lincoln. 
Tuttle Elizabeth, ret 42 Lincoln. 
Tuttle Emily (wid. Zebulon), res. 39 Lincoln. 

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