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Janesville city directory, 1880. Comprising a complete list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, secret and benevolent societies etc., etc.

S,   pp. 133-145

Page 142

EO, STOOKTOI,                 STAL       D AJ  AC~r 
SPE              142            STE 
Spence Bartholomew, prop. Spence House, n. e. cor. Wall and 
Academy, res. same. 
Spone House, Bartholomew        Spence, prop., n. e. cot. 
Wall and Academy. 
SpenceJohn, prop. City Hotel, n. e. cor. Main and N. ist. 
Spencer James A., painter rea 8 N. Main. 
Spencer John C., foreman janesvilie Gazette news room, rea. . 
w. cor. N. Bluff and Glen. 
Spicer William E;, machinist Harris Mnfg. Co., res. 2o Lin. 
Spohn Henry, lab. C. & N. W. Ry. shops, rea. Eastern av., i 
e. Centre av. 
Spohn William, tanner, rea. Monterey. 
Spong John, lab., res. 103 W. Milwaukee. 
Spooner William A., engineer C. & N.W. Ry., res. a7 Jackson. 
Spring Brook Brewery, William J. Marshall, prop., 
. -S. Main. 
Stack Johanna, weaver cotton mill, res. cor. Galena and Oak 
Hill av. 
Stack Mary Miss, res. cor. Galena and Oak Hill av. 
Stack Mary Mrs., res. e, a. Oak Hill av., 2 n. Western av. 
Stack Morris, lab., res. cor. Galena and Oak Hill av. 
Stack Nora, spinner cotton mill. 
Stafford Hattie D., artist, bda. 27 Academy. 
Stafford Oscar F., tea. 27 S. Academy. 
Stamper Alexander, whitewasher, tes. e. s. N. River, 4 B. Olive. 
Stange Annie, weaver cotton mill, bds. 3o N. Franklin. 
Stanton James, lab., tes. n. w. cor. Gold and Western av. 
Stark Alice, tes. e. a. Terrace, r n. schoolhouse. 
Stark Charles, vinegarmkr Young & Ehrlinger, res. e. s. Ter- 
race, i n. schoolhouse. 
Stearns Charles A., manager Western Union and North. 
western Telegraph Co's, res. Si S. Academy. 
Stearns George B., tea. i Race. 
Stearns Henry C. (Stearns & Baker), res. i Race. 
Stearns & Baker (Henry C. Stearns and Joseph P. Baker), 
druggists, paints and oils, 41 W. Milwaukee. 
Steed Patrick, lab., rea. w. a. Gold, a a. Western av. 
Steele Clarence, soapmkr, ree. 4z Chatham. 
Steele Win. M. Mrs., tea s. a. Mineral Point av., nr. city limits. 
Steffanedes Barbara, domestic S. Holdredge. 
Steinberg Mary (wid. Julius), tea. a. N. Biuf, nr. city limits. 
Steinberg Mary A., fitter Wia. Shoe Co., tea. 37 Cornedia. 
Steinrauf Louis, butcher C. Heitmann, res. 34-E. Milwaukee. 
Stephenson William C., tinnerJ. Griffiths, rea. 4S N. Bluff. 

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