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A. Bailey's Beloit directory, city record [and] business advertiser, for 1862

R,   pp. 32-35

S,   pp. 35-37

Page 35

Sage Harley, w * Third b Divaip    rri 
Slie Edwi E. b  s w a   r Third nHote 
s IBUR!' F~ proprietor labury's Hotel, W 8State 
Q A L S~I 3 91 V. Salisbury, proprietor, w s State b 
1S Bdn and Race 
Sanderson     a  i  Bridge b Bluff and Eighth 
Sanderson Jim  .,     , w  State b School and Broad, h a . 
Bridge b Bluff an  gth 
Saweren Jnh., carp, h a o c D and Fifth 
Sixby Mrs. Harriet, a  Fift bP and.D 
Salan Mrs. Mary, wes Water ar Merrill 
SoanneUt Ino., lab, h o s Water b Milwaukee and Merrill 
Scannell Michael, blksmth, bds e m Second b Division and D 
Scannell Morris, ireman, bds e a Second b Division and D 
Schott Charles, cjg and tob, a m State b Race and Broad 
Scott Albert S, (Humphry & S.,)s E b Bluff and Oak 
Sears Daniel A., miller, h n a Race b Short and Pleasant 
Secret Geo., harnes mkr, bds American House 
Shahan Jno., lab, h ur cor Mechanic and Race 
Sharp -, nr n city line 
Sharp Henry M., wag mkr, h n w e Oak and Locust 
Sharp Rupet, wag mkr, bde n w o Looust and Oak 
SheaL. ns Ice b State and Pleasant 
Sherman Elisa W., h u a School b State and Pleasant 
SHERMN HENRY N, jewelry, watches, clock@, fancy goods 
e4o., w a State b Shool ad BWood, h n a Broad b Short and 
Sherwood Frank R., elk, bds n a Broad b State and Mill 
Sherwood Jakmon ., liquors, w s State b Pace and Bridge, h n 
a Broad b State and Pleasant 
Sherwood Marcel W., dent, n a Broad b State and Mill 
Sherwood ark, elk, bds n s Broad b State and Mill 
Sherwood       . Maiy A., a a Sherwood Av nr Washington Av 
Sherwood W., bds a a Sherwood Av or Washington Av 
Shields Francis, lab, bn w a Race b College anl Main 
SOOW     ABA,     .              . 
aHO        mhmit, h n e     ufth andE 
Shue Ir T., dry gs, and groe, n e Bridge and Fourth, h n a 
Wheat b Bluff ad Eigth 
8Ulivan Mary, servt, *  ol b Prospect and Short 
Simmons Daniel S., h n e c Broad and Short 
Simmons Henry C., bds n o o Broad and Short 
Simmons Theodore F., elk, bde u e c Short and Broad 
Sims Chauncey F., drug, .w a State b Broad and School, h e a 
Mechanic b School and First 
Skinner Benjamin H a w e E and Seventh 
S1aymaker, Samuel H., (Regartt .,) ro Turtle T 
Smaling; am,~ lab, h a  ilnr ailread 

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