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A. Bailey's Beloit directory, city record [and] business advertiser, for 1862

E,   pp. 18-19

F,   pp. 19-20

Page 19

Edwards Rev. Daniel W., n s Division, nr Fifth 
Edwards 0le, elk, bdu n a School b State and Pleasant 
Eger Michael, moulder h e. Third b Merrill and Division 
Eggeiston Carlos, arhiteot n s o Farm and Eighth 
Emerson Joseph, prof Beloit College, h ws Cellege b Third and 
Eugelsou Nies, carp, h s w c E and Oak 
English Alexandpr, harness mkr. bds e m railroad 
English Joseph, lab, h a e. o Fifth and Liberty 
Ens Daniel, s s Bridge nr w City line 
Eriokn Louis, wagon mkr, h e s Mill nr Broad 
E     'STES EDWARD B., harness mkr, oarriage trimmer and mu. 
siolan, h s a Broad b State and Pleasant 
physician, n w c School and Prospect 
Faibanks Charles N., elk, bds n i Race b State Pleasant 
Fairchild Lewis, moulder, h a w c D and Vine 
Fairchild Win., paper mnkr, h n w c E and Vine 
Faley Timothy, lab, h w a Mill nr railroad 
Fallen Mary, servt, w a Fourth b Bridge and E 
Farlan James, lab, bds n e o Broad and Hydraulic 
Farley Jno. teamster, h w a Cross b E and Bridge 
Farmer Richard, w a Sixth nr U R 
Farmers Hotel, n w o State and S Bridge 
Farr James, w. s Third nr R R 
Farrelly Jno., teamster, h w s Cross b E and Bridge 
Feldenhelmer Isaac, elk, bds Salisbury Hotel 
Fenton Mrs. Sarah, bds e m Mechanic b School and First 
Field Alfred L., s a o Bridge and Bluff 
Finney George, shoemkr, h n w c Main and Third 
Finnegan Jno., teamster, h s w o Milwaukee and Second 
Fisher L. G.. elk, bds w s Pleasant ur Public av 
Fisher Lucien, elk, bds Bushnell House 
Fisher Lucius G., P. X. h n w o Public Av and Pleasant 
Fisher & Winchester, (Lucius G. F., & A. 0. W.) hardware and 
aslnltnfl implement,,n w a State and Broad 
Fisk Jno P., teacher, h e s Malit b Third and Fourth 
Fitch -, n s S Bridge nr R R 
Fitgerald Michael, h e a Canal b Second and Third 
Fitzgerald Wm., mason, bds e a Canal b Second and Third 
Flanuigan Jno., coop, bds s State Line 
Fliun Julia, servt, n e c School and Prospect 
Flint Charles H., coop, h n s Farm b Bluff and Eighth 
Fluakigor John M., plow mkr, h a a Wheat b Bluff and Eighth 
Folsnt-Egbert J., (B. A. Vail & Co.,) a s Bridge b Bluff and 
Foley James, saloon, a a S Race b State and Pleasant 
Folland Martin, lab, h nr cor Race and Mechanic 

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