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A. Bailey's Beloit directory, city record [and] business advertiser, for 1862

B,   pp. 7-15

Page 11

Benjamin Frederick Do F., artist, bds  u School b Pleasant and 
Bonnet Almon, produce s a S Bridge nr State, h n a Bridge b 
Seventh and Eighth 
Bennett Henry, carp, h w a Main b Fourth and Fifth 
Bennett Jno., a e Mechanic and Fourth 
Benton Jno. F., [N. L Thayer & Co.,] bde n a o Fifth and E 
Benton Mrs. Lucretia I., s e o Prospect and School 
Berohard Jesse, Us e Pleasant nr n city line 
Berchard Jno., e m Pleasant nr n city line 
Bergman Henry, [Wolf & B.,] rem Springfield IlL 
Berry Daniel T, telegraph operstor, bd 8ai@6  Hotel 
Bibblus Adney F., miller, h @am Locust b Bluff a Eighth 
Bickneil C. H., [G. W. & C. H. B.,1 n w e Hydraulie and School 
Bicknell G. W. & C. EL, [George W. B. and Charles H. B.,) phys, 
e State b Broad and Race 
Bicknell George W., [G. W. & C. H. B.,] bds m B S Race opp 
foot Pleasant 
Bin    n Edwin A, w a Seventh b Z and D. 
Bilsop Jno., groc, s m Broad b State and Pleasant 
Bishop Thophiluns J., olk, bd  a s Broad b State and Pleasant 
Blackbird Mrs. Idol, s m Race opp foot Pleasant 
Blaisdell James J., a s Main b First and Second 
Blodgett Daniel, h a w c Public Av and Pleasant 
B[LODGETT & CO., [Selvey K. B., Jno. Hackett and Wm. 
J[  B.,] pro Beloit City Flouring Mill, a e o Second and E 
Blodgett Selvey K., [B. & Co.,] e a Bluff b Wheat and Farm 
Blodgett Selvey K jr, miller, h a a c Fourth and Division 
Blodgett Wn., [B. & Co.,] s a Farm b Bluff and Eighth 
Blodgett Win., miller, bds n m School b Prospect and Pleasant 
Blont Thomas, lab, h a a State line w Eighth 
Blunt Margaret, sernt, n w o Broad and Main 
Booker Robert, blksmth, bds Beloit City Hotel 
Boone Miss Hattie, bds e s Third b Division and D 
Bopp Robert, blksmth, bdm n e c Pleasant and Race 
Bower Henry, wagmkr, h a e c Mill and Broad 
Bowes Jno., s e cMill and Broad 
B OWLING JOSEPH A., boot and shoe manufacturer, w s 
State b Broad and Race, h e a Fourth b Division and D 
Boner Henry A., wagmkr, h s e c Mill and Race 
Boyce Barton S., [B. S. B. & Bro.,] e s Fourth b Bridge and E 
Boyce B. S. & Bro., [Barton S. B. and Benjamin B.,] notions, n 
s Bridge nr Fourth 
Boyce Benjamin, (B. S. B. & Bro.,] bds e s Fourth b Bridge 
and E 
Brainard Martin, s e o Hydraulic and Fifth 
Braisher Daniel, harness mkr, h n a Race b Pleasant and Prospect 
Brana Jno., lab, h nr eor Race and Mechanic 
Bratt Daniel, ehoemkr, h w a Cross b X and Bridge 
Breene Patrick, lab, as Sherwood Av nr Washington Av 
Bronell Benjamin, bda Salisbury's Hotel 

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