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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Dec. 24-31, [1912]
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 4 ([unpublished])

[The womanly woman],   pp. [unnumbered]-5 PDF (1.9 MB)

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member in the club was indignant, One mother said she had had three
babies , but t4  the doctor had never put nitrate of silver into the
eyes of cne o them. The doctorfs wife was present and she said that
as the wife of a physician she could speak with authority and that her
husbnci1ni-ver put nitrate  of silver in the eyes of babies. Upon
reaching, home she related the conversation to her husband only t,
to find that suclh was the law and that her husband always comiljz--
with it.
If we could but prove to these women how unwomanly they
are when ignorant of the laws affecting their interests they
would doubtless change.
It might well be said that a mother is great in propor-
tion tc. the radius of her maternal influence. Children are from
under a mother's direct supervision the Ereater part of their/%*
lives. When they reach school age they are thrown with the chil*
dren of the community, and are exposed to the physical and moral
diseases of the children of their community. In order to safe-
guard her own childrer;   o4er must do all she can to safeguard
the children of the =          the state, the nation and the unk
iverse for diseases are even international. Dr. Elliot has said
there is one vision higher than that of the madonna and child
and that is the vision of all mothers and all children.
That we may get nearer the every day problems of the wora   -
ly woman I am going to ask permission to use my home town for
an example. We are an average little city and boast of as many
womanly women as are to bo found elsewhere.
There arm an ever increasing number of children in our
8choole that are subnormal, mentally physically amd morally.Cne4
familV4*76*ne has increased so rapidly it has led to an investi-vu
gation by the state university.According to government statistt
these morons furnish from 25 to 30% of all our criminal sX'd thw-.,
are also the common carriers of diseaqse it is evident that      7
mothers must grapple with this problem immediately in order to
protect their own children.
In our high schools we are confronted by many boys and
girls with low standards of morality or with no standards at all.,
Teachers complain because school work is secondary to social
pleasures. Young people come to school jaded and tired and deckd
out in the most exagerated styles, They go joy riding and picnic.
ing unchaperoned.The result is,-girls frail, hysterical and world-
ly before they have fairly entered womanhood. VWnen a mother
gives to the world such a"shop worn" specimen of humanity she h
has failed in her duty to society. Some of our gchool -irls
boast of being out almost every night of their lives until ten
o clock or after and their mothers say they are e     r helpless
or that they want their children to have a good time. Surely a
state institution could 1o as well by girls as such mothers.In
all probability the mothers themselves are Ideep" in the Ladies'
home 'ournal, picking out z-,e intricate yoke patern and con-
vincing themselves that by so doing, they are wonly.
Women w-o earnestly endeavor to perform their tradition-
al duties find they are hampered beczuse they have no voice in
Tv-irn      n  +he government evr.v vberc helps or harmpers them
in carrying on their work. A year ago the mothers in our city

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