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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Dec. 24-31, [1912]
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 4 ([unpublished])

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T 0                   P0U7ICAT4I0I                                     CI
Tilwauk(e            America n School Board Jouralt, tthiy. -           
10, 0CO
4      cool O1anazer( nt,
m. Oco. bruc(, 1 ditor and 7ublisher, 2w0-24
Sontgonery Building)
Brooms,Brushes aad Handles, -thly. - Trade           5,000
oore, ditor; .C."oore, Publisher, 6C1
Railway Exchange Builling)
Buttcr,Cheese and i   Journal, Tues. - DairyinL,btc.  ,000
(John Fichels,iditor; H. . Clsen, !ublisher, 220
Germania Building)
Catholic Citizen, Sat. - Catholic                   19,160
(Citizen Comp6any, Iditors and ublish rs,
S 'isconsin Building)
Catholic school Journal, "thly. ex.July eAug.        3,0 0
Ctho"ic -chool Journal Company, Fublishers,
!venit, 7'i conain Building)
Catholic Forester, "thly. -Cath. 0. of F.           90, COO
(,hilip 17. -c."enna, 1 ditorý &!jý ubli;sher)
Church Times, tthly. - I-iscopal                     1,800
1xev. C.B. Eergin "right, D.D.,iditor and Yublii:her,
7 rary Building)
Columbia(German), Thurs. - Catholic                  7,94[
(Columbia Publishing Co., 96 ' asun Street)
Deutsche hausfrau(§erman), -thiy. - Family               C0,,944
(Hausfrau Publishing Co!-p& y, 4Z. -roaday)
De~tsche " arte, Wed. - !ndependtnt, 000
(dated at . h    ,    .
(Germania Publishing Company, C ermanma Bld)
Excelsior, Thurs. - -atholic                         7,200
(.:ý.. Schultheis, Iditor; 1 celsior -ublishing
Company, Z79 0 fferson ;At.)
Farmers Record, "th. 1. - 2tock and gri.            20,000
(Lenjtamin Fuelieman, Iditor and '7ubliL her,
735 hubbard 't.)
Flour and Feed, 'thly. - Trade
( ackages Publishing Compt my, Z'04-S ',ontf--mery
.-reidenk r, Sunday - ttadical
('rei enker Publihhing Company, herold Bldg.)
6ermania, 'e,ýly '- Independent (in two parts, Tues.108,166
& ri.(part of th4 edition is printed under
heading'Deutschos 'olksblatt, dated ,t Euffslo,
N. v., and 'iluaukeC, also, circ. 0,00,0) .
((;ermania Publishing Company, Cer-ania Bldg.)
Germania ifepoytcr, .at. - Fraternal

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