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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Dec. 24-31, [1912]
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 4 ([unpublished])

[Letter from Alta A. Sharpe to Miss Ada L. James: December 30, 1912] PDF (469.0 KB)

JACOB FURTH                              R.T. LAFFIN                    
            HT. EDGAR
PRESIDENT                              VICE-PRESIDENT                   
             M ANOG e
SEATTLE    Dlecenler 30,l1Z.
Ls Ad   L. James,
ear xi s James:
I suppose you think I an the most ungr tefu2]
child that ever happened.   It as e does look thet way, but just
the saie, I'm not, and I want to thank you for the letter of
introduction which you gave me for Mr. Clark. Mary Jane and I
started out to see him oIn dfy, but found that he had moved away
frol Seattle to r ontana, I believe, so ,e co ldn't use the letter,
We  ad a   in  tri  an  enjoyed every ainute 6f
it. 'ie reached Seattle on schedJuled time and Miary Jane 's friends
et us t the depot and took us hon~e v ith them tro lun o. ,   fter
t   e went to  >xr little cotta~e  which wc ¾ d already retd
as i believc I told you iefo e.    It is a dear little cottage, on
bs blff overlooking uget Sound.   Je coouh throw stones in the
Sound fror our back yard, if we tried. (Wie ha.ven't tried et.)
Thzere are hundreds of rine trees in the back ya rd, rm Lv of them
75 and 100 feet high. Wce had juti been t lkin< about them the other
flil~t, and wo idering wi. t would hanpen if one of ihen .3ould break
dc ring a wind storm, when all of a sud~ en there was an awful cr~sh
ann a lot of branches ca e tui b~ing over on ti e roof of the colta ¢
Kiry Jane was lro t scared green, but we finally discovered t .at
it I ad hit the chicken house instead of our co~ge. There is a
dandy lawn w~ic h i s as green and soft as velvet eve] noai. Im fron t
of ti e house U re is a w 1k that leads down to the street, ad on
each side of It tnf re is a row of rose bushes. They s~till have q ite
a f~v Jlo. ores on a sd are very pre tty. Then at the end of the yard
<re is ai edge of chrysanthesui s, red, yellow arnd white. They were
in full bloom when we arrivad, nu believe ne, they were pretty,
The cottage co tains no lire a Iedroom, <ining ro in,
t'vo closets, ;nd a kitchen. In the bedroom, we have one bed, dressir,
rug and seve ral othu.r tiings. I. the d i .im  roor, we iave a nice
round dining taJl, two rockers, t1re     dir i~u roon cehairs, a m    -
*ot or wiich we have made severil 1illows, aid a cover, et, etc,
I lirou5t all my penants, pictures, etc. , ann we nve things pretty
vell decorated. Vi~e have a ~dvd little cook-stove. We also have
apl adid water a    lots of it. It co; oes from the Cedar River in tae
mount i5s. i am cook; have been tryimn to teach i'ary" Jane how to cook,
bu we a~re away most of the tine, so he ia. only learned to nmake
orn bread, thus f r. The ii~rst week I worked, hJary Jane was hor e
ilone, so she h~ad supp er re dy for ise when I got home, and w~had
corni bread every ni 'iht the t week.

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