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Instructions to fire wardens

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fire originated in the building, or was caused by lightning, or, in fact,
in any way except through a forest fire. Question 5 of the annual re-
port,--All other loss of property"-should be answered by reporting
the los of buildings, fences, hay or any property that is not timber,
if the lo. resulted from a forest fire.
Question 8,-"How much expense did your town incur in preventing
or extinguishing fires?'-should be answered by giving the entire
amount paid by the town for fire warden service. Many fire wardens
state that there has been no expense to the town, even when there has
been a charge for posting notices. A charge against the town for post-
ing notices is a charge for preventing fires; hence, such a charge
should be included as expense in answer to Question 8, just the same
as a charge for extinguishing fires.
If Question 12 is not understood, refer to page 9 of the Forestry
Laws for the meaning of "Section 4405a."
SPECIAL Riwogns.
Special reports, that Is, reports on single fires, should be made out
Immediately after each fire, and sent to the state forester.
When a special report is sent in, a memorandum should be kept of
the facts therein stated, so that it can be referred to In making out
the annual report.
Question 4 should bc answered similarly to Question 5 in the annual
report, but, of course, only the property lost by the one fire should be
Question 9 should be answered by giving the total expense to the
town for fighting the one fire, nothing else being included. One blank
should be used for each fire.
a              Bil.T-s on FizE WARnnN BmvcL
All bills for fire warden service must have the written approval of
the state forester before they can be allowed by the town boards.
Printed forms for fire wardens' bills will be Issued by this depart-
ment. Bils need not necessarily be made out on these blank forms,
but must qqntiln Everything called for in the blank form, whlch tol-

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