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Rivard, John T. / Triple centennial jubilee souvenir book : Somerset

A century of faith,   pp. [39]-108

Page 103

Recently, Christ Lutheran's Sunday school has undergone
another change.  Better organization and more teachers are
causing growth in enrollment so that about forty children now
attend regularly. Mrs. August Kiekhoefer heads the school as
superintendent and Mesdames, Raymond Frederickson, Harold
Flandrick and Joseph Lamirande Jr. are regular teachers, to,
gether with Raymond Frederickson. Substituting for these when
they are unable to come are the following: Mesdames, Nor,
man Meinke, Gillard Canopy, Clarence Kiekhoefer and Nor,
man Mante. Mrs. Ray Ostendorf is treasurer, and Mrs. Glen
Rachuy works closely with the teachers.
A Ladies Aid society has functioned for years within the
congregation. This society has always done much to decorate,
furnish, and endow the congregation with gifts when it needed
them the most. An annual Bazaar has become popular with the
people of the surrounding territory and in the village. Presi-
dent is Mrs. Clarence Kiekhoefer; treasurer, Mrs. Elmer Se-
card; secretary, Mrs. Norman Meinke.
Teenage group inside this congregation is the Luther League
which was organized in 1949 while Rev. Leonard Ziemer, as,
sistant pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Stillwater, was
serving the church here. Occasional meetings, parties, roller,
skating and more serious study of Scripture and other events are
sponsored by this League. Roberta Lawson is current president.
The business of the church is discussed at length at one
annual and other special congregational meetings.  Only the
congregation has the right to call a pastor and it only can handle
any and all matters which effect the whole unit. To carry on
interim affairs a Church Council composed of three Trustees and
a SecretaryTreasurer is selected. In 1955 the office of pres,
ident of the congregation was created.  Trustees to date are
William Rosenow, Norman Meinke and Phillpi Stohbeen.
Treasurer is Ray Bishop who has served in that capacity for
over twenty-seven years. The president is Harold Flandrick.
Rev. Grunke was succeeded by the present pastor, Rev.
Glen R. A. Rachuy, in the autumn of 1953. Pastor Rachuy
came from a mission parish located in Chelan, Washington, and
was graduated from Wartburg Theological Seminary, Dubuque,
Iowa, in June, 1952. Since 1954, Mr. Rachuy has worked
and sung with the church choir. The choir sings at the wor-
ship services, dressed in black gowns with white collars.
As a parting remark we might mention the record of out,
standing service to this congregation exemplified in the per,
sonal care which our custodian, Mr. Ray Bishop, assisted by
his wife Mina, have tendered the church for many years.
- By Rev. Glen Rachuy
Somerset, Wisconsin
The first meeting was held at the Louis Winkel home on
May 14, 1894. Present at that meeting were Albert Kriesel,
Fred Biedeman, Carl Krause, August Nehring, Martin Kriesel,
Win. Bursch, Fred Ludke, Louis Winkel, Carl Kriesel, Carles
Koehler, Carl Gartzke and Herman Meinke, Sr.
Officers elected at the first meeting were: August Nehring
-   President; Carl Gartzke -   Treasurer; Herman Meinke,
Sr. - Secretary.
The church was built in the fall of 1894 and the first
pastor was W. S. Winter.
The Church Board at the present time is:
Henry Radke -     President; Marvin Radke -    Secretary and
Treasurer; Ernest Kluetke, Leonard Kluetke, Henry Bursch.

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