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Rivard, John T. / Triple centennial jubilee souvenir book : Somerset

A century of faith,   pp. [39]-108

Page 84

Edouard and Marie D'Anjou Plourde
Edouard Plourde was born at Riviere Ouelle, Canada. He was
married to Marie D'Anjou Aug. 5, 1861. They were blessed with
nine children. These surviving six came to Somerset with them:
Marie (1863-1938), married Marcel Levesque; Edith (1867-1947),
married Joseph Campbell; John (1869-1910), married Louise Landry;
Joseph (1871-1953), married Eugenia Francois; Edward, born in
1873, married Amanda Couture; Anna (1877-1947), married Charles
Coming to Somerset, with his family, in 1883 as a miller, he
purchased the flour mill from Samuel Harriman. This he operated
until he sold it to the Apple River Power Co.
Edouard Plourde and Marie D'Anjou Plourde
(1840-1910)              (1840-1929)
Joseph and Eugenia Francois Plourde
(1871-1953)       (1871-1937)
John and Louise Landry Plourde
(1869-1910)     (1876-1941)
John Plourde was born at St. Pacome, Canada. He purchased
the mill in Somerset with his father and worked with him until
it was sold; then settled on the farm at Apple River Falls now
owned by his son, Remie.
He married Louise Landry in 1894. To this union were born
the following six children: John, 1897; Adelard, 1899; Cecilia,
1900, married John Durning; Louise, 1902, married Frank Gonnella;
Charles, 1904, married Ethel Clayton and Marian Glynn; Remie,
1907, married Vernice Schell and Cecilia Hinz.
Joseph Plourde was born at St. Pacome, Canada. He came to
Somerset at eleven years of age and worked in the grist mill and
lumber camps. After his marriage to Eugenia Francois they pur-
chased and operated the present Plourde farm east of Somerset
where their family of nine children were born and raised. They
are as follows: Joseph, 1893, married Dorothy Peloquin and Florence
Peloquin; Marie, 1895, married Gregory Hartmann; Edward, 1899,
married Helen Adam; Esther, 1901, married Milton Berlin; Celina,
1903; Viola, 1905, married Henry Cartier; Francis, 1908, married
Jennie Longar; Anthony, 1910-1954, married Mary Coggins; Berna-
dette, 1913, married Flavian Gagnon.

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