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Somerset, Wisconsin: 125 pioneer families and Canadian connection: 125th year

[From book "History of the St. Croix Valley" published by Easton, printed in 1909],   pp. 67-79 PDF (7.4 MB)

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erine's at St. Paul. Donald is a student at the St. Benedict acad-
emy, St. Joseph, Minn. Corn and Alice are still at home. Mr.
La Granduer votes the Republican ticket. He was seven years
treasurer of the township of Somerset and twenty years post-
master in the village. He is a member of the Catholic Order of
Foresters, and the family worships at the Catholic church. Being
a man of wide education and learning himself, he is a thorough
believer in education, and he is expending a fortune in giving
his children educational advantages. The children are all bright
and gifted, and are a credit to their parents. As a business mark
he has been most successful, and few men in the township are
better known, better liked or more highly regarded than he.
R. S. Luce was born in Virgil, Cortland county, N. Y., in the
month of March, 1828, a son of Stedman and Polly (Barnum)
Luce, who lived and died in the East. He received a common
school education in the schools of Potter county, Pennsylvania,
and learned the trades of mason and carpenter. He also worked on
the farm with his father. In 1866 he came to Boardman, St.
Croix county, Wis., and stayed for a time. Then he went to St.
Joseph township, same county, in 1874, and bought eighty acres,
Which he broke and upon which he made all improvements, and
erected houses and barns. He carries on general farming. Mr.
Luce was married November 15, 1856, to Orrilla, daughter of
Orlando and Lucy Farrand, the former of whom was a mason
in New York state. This union has been blessed with twelve
children. Alice S. died in infancy. Nellie R. married Amos Pet-
terly, of Kansas. Nettie E. died at three years; George B. died
at thirteen years, and Meretta died at eight years. Webb R.
married Minnie Spence, and is a farmer in Somerset township,
Wisconsin. Estella 0. married John Dorgan, of New Richmond,
Wis. Laura E. died at six months. Maude E. married Ernst Krev-
inghaus, a carpenter. Linnie Maud married Norris Annis,. a pho-
tographer; Warren M. married Maggie Kane and R~pnald S.,
named for his father, is at home. Mr. Luce himself is one of five
children. He is a member of the school board, and his services in
that capacity have always been worthy of praise. Mr. Luce is a
Seventh Day Baptist and votes the Republican ticket. He has
been a hard worker all his life and both he and his family have
the respect of all who know them.
E. B. Rehder came to this country at the age of five years.
He is a native of Germany, where he was born in Holstein in
1861, son of John and Dora (Cordum) Rehder. The former was
born in 1821 and died in 1893. The latter was born in 1824 and
died in 1906, both deaths having occurred on the farm in Somer-
set. E. B. Rehder has been a farmer for the greater part of his
life. He owns 160 acres of land in Somerset, twenty acres of
HISTORY OF THE ST. CROIX VALLEY                 917
which are heavily timbered. He has made all the improvements
himself and has a fine farm, upon which he carries on a general
farming business, making a specialty of breeding short horn
cattle. For a number of years he has made a success of handling
and selling farm implements and machinery of all kinds. A
Republican in politics he has served with credit as chairman of
the supervisors of the town of Somerset for several years. Ie is
a member of the Sons of Herman. In 1889, Mr. Rehder married
Martha Wiggie, who died three years later. In 1896 he was
married to Mary Schultz. The four children, Carl, Elsie, Erna
and Ernest, live at home. With Christ Schafer, Mr. Rehder
established the first cooperative creamery in this county.
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