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Curtiss-Wedge, F.; Jones, Geo. O. (ed.) / History of Dunn County, Wisconsin

Chapter XIX: incorporated villages,   pp. 164-201

Page 201

HISTORY OF DUNN COUNTY                        201
might have secured two'acres, but thought one was enough. Later, however, when
it was too late to get laad for nothing, they secured one quarter more through pur-
chase. In 1908 they erected their present church in the village, a good frame build-
ing, and the original site is now a graveyard. This congregation began with nine
members and now has 37. It was formerly served from Prairie Farm, but now the
pastors come chiefly from Glenwood City.
The-Modern Woodmen and Royal Neighbors have camps in the village. I.M.
Gates Camp No. 6393, M. W. A., has a charter dated April 12, 1899, showing the
names of 27 members. Five members of this camp rendered service to their country
in the World War, namely, Harold W. Lei, Edward Fellback, Harry E. and William
E. Budd and Andrew Erickson. Wheeler Camp No. 3253, R. N. of A., was insti-
tuted Oct. 10, 1902, the date on its charter being October 27. It started with 21
In connection with Wheeler should be mentioned the Big Beaver Cheese and
Butter Co., whose factory is situated cn Beaver Creek, on rural route No. 3 out of
Wheeler. This company was started 23 years ago by the neighboring farmers as
a cooperative concern, which it has since remained. The original building, still
standing, is now used for a garage, the one now used as the factory having been
built four or five years ago. This concern has had a successful career and turns out
a considerable quantity of American twin cheese.

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