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Curtiss-Wedge, F.; Jones, Geo. O. (ed.) / History of Dunn County, Wisconsin

Chapter XVII: military record,   pp. 134-145

Page 135

held in the A. 0. U. W. hall in the Johnson Block, at that time the home of che
Grand Army.
"Only 28 ladies were present, although 35 members were enrolled on the char,
ter. Our first officers were: President, Amanda Bailey; senior vice president-
Elizabeth Skeel; junior vice president, Jannette Pease; treasurer, Hattie Vander-
hoof; secretary, Lida E. Doolittle; chaplain, Ida Relph; conductor, Naomi Doo-
little; guard, Cora Macauley.
"From the Woodmen hall we moved with the Grand Army to the hall in the
Sipple building (now occupied by the Waterman-Erhhard Co. store). This was
our home until Feb. 25, 1891, when, through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. An-
drew Tainter this beautiful Memorial Hall was provided for our use.
During the first ten years of our existence there were many calls for aid. Af that
time we worked hard for funds to pay off a mortgage for a soldier's widow, to pro-
vide nurses for the sick, and food and clothing for those in need, as pensions were
not what they are today. We also assisted the department by furnishing a room
at the Soldiers' Home in Waupaca and contributing to many funds.
"April 2, 1894, we celebrated our tenth anniversary. The entertainment was
public and held in what was known as Stori's Hall. Mrs. Nettie Lutz was presi-
"About this time we started the monument fund. Our idea was to purchase
a monument for the city or the cemetery, one that would be a credit to our society
and a living tribute to our heroic dead.
"In May, 1896, the Department of Wisconsin honored our corps by electing
Mrs. Elizabeth Skeel as department president. This made Menomonie head-
quarters of the department for one year and gave our corps two department offi-
cers, as Cora M. Steele was appointed her secretary. In 1897 Mrs. Skeel was
elected department treasurer, serving two years.
"In 1898 the Spanish-American war cloud hung over us. Many of our mem-
bers had sons, husbands, or brothers, who enlisted. Weeks and months of anxiety
passed before the loved ones returned-some never. We assisted the department
in all calls for aid. Individually many necessities and dainties were forwarded to
our boys. When they returned we assisted the citizens in giving them a royal
welcome and banquet.
"After the war was over we redoubled our efforts to finish raising the amount
still needed for our management fund. In the spring of 1901 this was accomplished
and in th6 latter part of April the monument was placed on the Grand Army lot
in Evergreen Cemetery, a beautiful monument which was unveiled May 30 and
dedicated to the sacred memory of the heroes of both wars.
"In 1909 we celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary. To commemorate the
event we presented the Central School and the Normal School each with a large
bunting flag. The presentation was made by Mrs. Kate Weber. Later a beau-
tiful silk banner was presented to the local corps by J. A. Decker, a gift from
William Evans Post, G. A. R., followed by an interesting program of music, songs,
recitations and the corps history. Mrs. Rosalie Phillips was president at this
time. Nearly 200 veterans of the Blue and members of the W. R. C. enjoyed the
"In April, 1914, a second time we were called upon to assist the government
to care for soldier boys. This time the results were so awful, the grief and sorrow
so widespread, that we were taxed to the limit both in purse and loving labor to
assist the Red Cross, and provide for husbands, sons, and lovers called across seas.
To dwell on this is unnecessary; it is fresh in the minds of all. Let me only add
that our relief corps was second to none in doing our share.------We were at all
times ready to furnish a banquet for the boys as they returned and assist all other
patriotic societies and Organizations to show our appreciation of the sacrifices of
the World War veterans.
"This time last year we furnished $75 to plant elm trees on the Memorial high-
way, considering it an honor to do so.
"Since organized we have always responded to calls for relief work from both

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