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Curtiss-Wedge, F.; Jones, Geo. O. (ed.) / History of Dunn County, Wisconsin

Chapter III: the Jefferson Davis myth,   pp. 20-26

Page 26

says, that he was sent to a government mill on Yellow River to cut lumber, and
tells from where the pine logs were obtained, that is, on the Chippewa. If he had
gone personally to get the pine logs he would have said on the Menomonie, foras
a matter of fact if any were obtained they were taken from there. At no time has
there been pine on the Chippewa below the falls of that river, a distance of fully
fifty miles farther away than the location of pine on the Menomonie.
Here again, basing a conclusion on what Davis himself states to have been his
employment and the place of his work; on the fact that the fort had been so far
completed that the garrison had moved in, warranting the inference that it was
lumber for finishing and not timber for construction that was needed and that Davis
supplied; together with the fact that he could have been employed in getting out
lumber for only a short time in 1831-32, judging from the record of his frequent
absences, furlough, and the period of his sickness at Yellow River narrated in the
Memoirs, it is evident that Davis was not on this river in 1831-32 getting out timber
for Fort Crawford.
There seems to be no claim that Davis was here at a later date than 1831-32
nor are there any',circumstances warranting such a claim, and in his letter of January
5, 1872, he states that his work on Yellow River in 1831 closed his service as lumber-
man in Wisconsin.
A summarization of these separate conclusions into one final judgment can result
in no other determination than that Jefferson Davis was at no time in charge of
a force of men cutting logs on theRed Cedar River, and that probably he never was
at the present site of Menomonie, nor on the Red Cedar River.

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