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Mitchell, Roy; Teall, Gardner C. (ed.) / The Columbian
Volume 1, Number 1 (February 1893)

The Columbian: Volume 1. Number 1. February,   pp. [unnumbered]-[8]

Page 7

TrHE I--
Dr, Ed~. aqtiks cue
all druggists.  Pr ,eets a bottle.
Remember your elders, treat them with respel
Let them in your manner no rudeness detect.
Don't write vour exercises in hieroglyphic,
"evil communicatious corrupt good manners.'
Girls, at concerts, lectures, theaters, convent
don't wear brimmed hats of colossal dimens'
A refrigerator will be placed in the lower
in which the Freshmen may keep their
Freshmen, don't be too pumerous, but cc
yourselves, for Mlf-po0session always C(
Girls whatever you do, pray do not chew I
Frutti, or think that cosmetics will highten
Students should, consult the advertising
umns of THE COLUMBIAN as a business dire
when making purchases.
When your teacher asks you to go into a
room to procure some chalk, don't look sc
and pretend not to hear.
Prof. Edward Somm rmeyer is now prepar
give instructions by mail in Violin, drum, c
and progressive voice culture.
Freshmen, don't, when you attempt to be se
neglect to see that theseat is turned down, a
consequences are liable to be serious.
Has an editor a right to be proud?  Wel
t, unless it is absolvi
contact with the 7i
king that it might I
died Friday mory
eleven o'clock.
n of learnina and
biok place
day, JaDn
ber of friei
We notice that Mr. fSwea
w desks for the drawing d
ies are rather battered an
e legs. If the School B
ase new ones, we can as
vestment will .not be as
Professor Scott of the Ur
ie lecture each week on
the Present Day." He sM
ghtful lecturer by the way
e subjects.  He discusseE
Sfore leaving it, and his
rcible that no one can fail
Ie hope that the live inV
ssor Scott's discussions
ie course of lectures iscoin
The "Thomas Edward A
ie AA   z Association," thi, ronm in fbp 1
'the I
ontem piaie
later on, and

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