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McLeod, Donald / History of Wiskonsan, from its first discovery to the present period, including a geological and topographical description of the territory with a correct catalogue of all its plants

Chapter XIV,   pp. 235-254 PDF (3.3 MB)

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  Janesville, the county seat. is located on the cast
side of the river, in the township of that name, on the
bottom land of the river, and about fifty feet below
Rock prairie, which terminates in a high bank on the
east or back part of the town. It is a thriving, prom-
ising village. The United States road, from Racine
to the Mississiapi, crosses the river at this point, by a
splendid bridge, recently built. It contiguity to the
river. and the stages from Milwaukie and Racine pas-
sing through it, must render Jariesvillc a place of
considerable importance, when the obstructions in the
river tire removed, and navigation is opened to the
Mississippi. The countrv around it is rich, fertile and
healthy. The site of the village is based on lime stone.
There are fine quarries of this valuable rock found at
a little distance up the north bank of the river. Large
quantities of fish are here caught in the spring of the
year. The river at this place hardly ever freezes
over during the winter, owing to its being abundantly
supplied with numerous warmn spl~igb-   .."iII.
and banks of the river. The court house at this place
is built on the summit of a high bank, encircling the
rear part of the town, whose glittering dome is seen
sparkling in the rays of the sun at a great distance.
The citizens of the village are generally social and
kind, moral, temperate and industrious.
  Beloit is another flourishing village in this county,
situated near the south territorial line, on the cast side
of Rock river, and at the mouth of Turtle creek,
which atlords great water power. It has splendid
flouring and saw mills, and a number of stores and
nechanic shops. A seminary was incorporated irt

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