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Bingham, Helen M. (Helen Maria) / History of Green County, Wisconsin

New Glarus,   pp. [247]-[258] PDF (2.1 MB)

Page 251

History o/ Green County. 
promised to abide by the result, the shares were drawn 
by lot. Rules for the government of the colony pro- 
vided that no one should cut wood from another's land, 
but all might cut from the road. During the first year, 
two families at least should live in one house, and colo- 
nists should help each other in building houses and barns. 
Until their land was paid for, they were not to dig for 
mineral. After it was paid for, they might dig; but if 
lead was found, the land was to be given up to the so- 
ciety, in which case the owner was to be paid the origi, 
nal cost of the land and the value of his improvements. 
in cultivation and buildings, but nothing for the lead. 
The reports that went back from the colony were, 
so encouraging that several times in the summer of 
1846 recruits came from the mother country. One of 
them was J. Jacob Tschudy, who was sent to assist in 
the care of the colony. A report of the condition of 
the colony dated November 20, '46, and printed for cir- 
culation in Switzerland, contains the following: The 
owners of lots were Fridolin Hoesli, John Kun- 
dert, Paulus Kundert, Henry Hoesli, Leonard Ham- 
merli, Mathias Smith, George Legler, Mrs. Barbara 
Hoesli, Abraham Schindler, Balthasar Didrst, Niklaus 
Diirst, David Schindler,' Markus Hoesli, Mathias 
Duerst, Fridolin H'efti, Fridolin Legler father, Fri- 
dolin Legler son,- John Caspar Legler, Oswald 
Bibler, Fridolin Bdbler, Henry Aebli, Hilarius Wild, 
Mathias Hoesli, Jost Trilinpi, Jost Becker, Fridolin 
Streiff, Gabriel Baumgartner, Caspar Zwicki, Fridolin 
Oertli. Six men with their families had gone away,. 

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