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Bingham, Helen M. (Helen Maria) / History of Green County, Wisconsin

New Glarus,   pp. [247]-[258] PDF (2.1 MB)

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50islwy of Green Cozunty. 
that a housekeeper who confesses to many tears because 
the men stuck their dirty boots against them, says that 
while she made her bed she always stood on some other 
woman's bed. In the mountainous land of their birth, 
the people had never known such winds as swept 
'through their cabins that long, first winter; and some- 
times when they crept shivering to bed they had to take 
their few umbrellas with them. Fearful of being de- 
ceived by the harmless appearance of the Indians who 
visited them occasionally, timid men and women told 
till they trembled with terror the stories they had heard 
of Indian perfidy and cruelty. No wonder that where- 
ever Mr. Streiff turned he found a woman in tears; no 
wonder that his incessant labors excited little gratitude, 
and that he wrote home, "I shall remember the year 
1845."  The wonder is that on a thousand dollars he 
could keep nearly a hundred persons fr-om fall to spring 
in such a way that they should be grateful to him in 
after years. iHe did this, but, though often urged, he 
has never consented to take: charge of another colony 
from Switzerland. Through the winter, the men were 
busy cutting wood and splitting rails. In the spring, 
the work of breaking prairie began. The Association 
sold each man twenty acres at three florins an acre, on 
ten years' time without interest. Some men bought 
more land, and some claimed land adjoining them, and 
paid for it in 855, when the deeds were given by the 
Association. The commissioners divided the land so 
that the shares were as nearly as possible alike in their 
advantages in wood and water, and then, when all had 
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