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Bingham, Helen M. (Helen Maria) / History of Green County, Wisconsin

Brooklyn,   pp. [241]-246 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 245

History of Green County.                245, 
eighty-two.    J. W. Haseltine acted as clerk of the, 
meeting and made the first returns to the county. The 
county clerk hesitated about receiving the returns be- 
cause the clerk elected for the year had' not brought 
them, but finally took them because they were "in better 
shape than those from     half the towns."     At a town 
meeting held at Attica, April 7, I874, it was found that 
twenty-three men were present who had voted at the 
first meeting twenty-five years before. By order of the 
meeting the clerk recorded their names as follows: 
Davis Fenton.                Cyrus A. Montgomery. 
Jonathan Smith.              0. P. Stowell. 
*William Kirkpatrick.         Otis Thompson. 
C. D. W. Leonard.           *W. W. McLaughlin. 
Franklin Patterson.          J.F. Eguleston. 
N. J. Patterson.            *Sylvester Gray. 
Alonzo Purington.            Joel Smith. 
*Powell Shell.                J. W. Haseltine. 
David Heathman.              Jeremiah Anderson. 
John Pace, Sen.              Win. R. Smith, Jun. 
D. N. Shaw.                  Chas. S. Gray. 
Ezra Doolittle. 
Names.         No. of Acres.  Names.   s   No. of Acres. 
Jerry Anderson,   - I6o    Stephen Lewis, -  - i6o 
A. Bennett, -   -   220    T. Lewis,   -        16o 
John Dalrymple,   - 350    A. Melvin,    -      353 
Peter Derimer,  -   280    Jas. McCoy,       - 280 
Ezra Doolittle -  - 200    John McClairinon,    i6o 
J. F. Eggleston,  -  254   W.W. McLaughlin est. 238 
Win. Gill,        - 179    Thos. 0. Patrick Nevil, 16o 
J. W. Haseltine  -   261   John Pace,    -   - i6o 
Geo. Hollerbush,  - 240    Frank Patterson, -   220 
Daniel Johnson,     318    J. N. Patterson,  - ISo 
S. D. Kirkpatrick,  - 279  Alonzo Purington,   200 
Win. Layton,    -   219    James Root,   -   - 16o 
Win. Lee, -          182   A. J. Sawin, -  -    16o 
C. D. W. Leonard,   220    E. C. Smith,  -   - i6o 
*Messrs. Shell, S. Gray, Kirkpatrick, and McLaughlin have since died. 

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