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Bingham, Helen M. (Helen Maria) / History of Green County, Wisconsin

Albany,   pp. [234]-240 PDF (1.3 MB)

Page 239

HisIoby o/ Green County. 
Brooklyn have dispelled the brightest of Albany's vis- 
ions, at least for a time; but they can not destroy her 
good water power, which is even now persuading 
Messrs. J. H. and E. F. Warren, and S. A. Pond to 
build a large woolen mill there; nor can they entirely 
destroy her hope of a railroad, the realization of which 
would, she thinks, restore to her all her old life and 
At the present time Albany ranks first among the 
unincorporated villages of the county. In I876 the vil- 
lage lots in the town of Albany were appraised at 
$43,o65. Thoge of other towns followed in this order: 
Jefferson $30,270; New Glarus $20,495; Mount Pleas- 
ant $i8,oo6; Brooklyn $i6,oio; Exeter $8,573; Cadiz 
$3,285; while lots in Monroe and Brodhead were valued 
at $696,075, and $253,826. 
Richard Atkinson, 
Jeremiah Brewer, 
Aaron Broughton, 
'John Broughton, - 
F. J. Burt, -  - 
J. W. Carver, 
John Carodine, 
John B. Chase,   - 
Mrs. Asa Comstock, 
Lewis Comstock, 
Edward Davis,    - 
S. L. Eldred,  - 
S. R. Eldred, 
John Flint,   - 
Joshua Flint, 
*Thos. Flint,  - 
Wm. Francis, 
Ole Gilbertson, 
*Largest stock growers. 
Fo. of Acres.  Names.      No. of Acres. 
- 200    Richard Hamer,       200 
240    A. S. Holmes, -      200 
- i6o    Moses Ingram,        i6o 
560    J. D. Jenks,  -      224 
* 200    Aaron Jones, -       i6o 
200    Edward Jones, -      164 
214    Wmi. Jones, -   -    200 
201    Ole Kettleson, -  - i6o 
171   John F. Lacy,        i6o 
- i65    Ole Leverson,    -   200 
290    Edward Lloyd,       240 
-4    Hosea Ludington,     i6o 
16o    Christopher Minert,  254 
 i6o    Thos. Mitchell,      242 
220    Mary Meredith,       171 
- 280    Geo. Moore, .    -   280 
i6o    N. B. Murrav, -   - i6o 
- 220    Mrs. S. F. Nichols,  277 

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