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Bingham, Helen M. (Helen Maria) / History of Green County, Wisconsin

York,   pp. [229]-233 PDF (2.4 MB)

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History of Green County. 
store and office met at the house of Mr. J. F. Wescott, 
where the small village of Farmer's Grove has grown 
up around them. 
The village of Postville dates its beginning from the 
arrival of Albro Crowell, who made his home there 
when he first came to the county. The second and 
third houses were built by Ira Walker and Edwin 
Crowell. In I858, Gilbert Post built the fourth house, 
the lower story of which was used as a store. After a 
time, Mr. Crowell started another store. A drug store, 
a tailor shop, a harness shop, and more dwellings fol- 
lowed. The Stewart post-office, so called for York's 
first settler, was moved there from its first place a mile 
or two west, and the village was recorded as Postville. 
Through all succeeding changes Postville has pros- 
pered.   The first store has been transformed into a 
hotel, and long ago the village was thought large 
enough to have a saloon; but York has never had a 
board that would grant a license. 
During the summer of 1876 four large cheese fac- 
tories, all owned by companies, were in operation in 
York. At Farmers' Grove, at the factory north of the 
village (where was formerly Eli George's tavern, the 
,first voting place in the town), and at Yankee Hollow 
Limburger cheese is made. At Postville the cheese is 
American cheese. 
Names.    No. of Acres.  Names.    No. of Acres. 
0. Ames,    -   - 175   D. Ash,     -      205 
C. Anderson,  -    224   Holver 0. Brenden, - 161 
Hans Arneson,     200    Ole Burgeson,  -  16o 

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