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Bingham, Helen M. (Helen Maria) / History of Green County, Wisconsin

History of Green County,   pp. [9]-64 PDF (513.9 KB)

Page 23

iislory of G-ecn Counly. 
prospective county, and Mr. Payne besought Judge 
Andrick to sell him an interest in it, which the judge 
refused to do. Mr. Payne then laid out a town, which 
was immediately north of New Mexico, and which in- 
cluded land on both sides of that now occupied by the 
railroad track. Mr. James Campbell, who was Mr. 
Payne's surveyor, remembers that while they were sur- 
veying, Mr. Payne stopped work to make a last effort 
to purchase a share in New Mexico, and that he re- 
marked, on his return from his fruitless visit to Judge 
Andrick, " New Mexico isn't recorded, and if the old 
fool wo'n't let any one else have half the county seat, he 
shan't have any part of it himself." The act of the 
Burlington legislature which made this a county, also 
located the county seat at New Mexico, referring, of 
course, to Judge Andrick's town. As soon as this act 
was passed, Mr. Payne named his town New Mexico, 
and hastened to the land office at Mineral Point. A few 
miles behind him rode Judge Andrick, pursuing him 
with a speed compared to which the most rapid move- 
ments of the Indians who followed him in 1832 and of 
the sheriff who sought for him in 1849 were as the crawl- 
ing of a snail to John Gilpin's ride. Mr. Payne reached 
Mineral Point before Judge Andrick, and got his New 
Mexico on record first, which made it the county seat by 
law. But, moved by a petition which was presented by 
Mr. Sutherland, the member from Green, the legisla- 
lature, at its next session, repealed this law, and appoint- 
ed three commissioners to select a county seat. To in- 
duce Mr. Sutherland to work for the repeal of the first 

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