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Bingham, Helen M. (Helen Maria) / History of Green County, Wisconsin

History of Green County,   pp. [9]-64 PDF (10.7 MB)

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History    f Green   Cozinly. 
north-west is characterized by three divisions of surface, 
-the bottom land, the bluffs that shut it in, and the up- 
land or prairie,-the surface of the lead region has cer- 
tain peculiarities of its own, which are principally due 
to the erosion of its streams. There is, in this region, 
a rapid alternation of bluffs and valleys. The valleys 
branch again and again in every direction, and their 
width is usually in proportion to the size of the streams 
that wander through them. The conformations of sur- 
face in south-western Wisconsin present, therefore, a 
marked contrast to the comparatively unbroken level of 
the south-eastern part of the state.  Green County 
partakes of the peculiarities of both regions, and may 
be regarded as the connecting link between them. Near 
its western boundary the hills are many, and the valleys 
are narrow; but in the interior of the county the valleys 
along the small streams grow so much wider than those 
in the lead region, that the bottom land of Sugar River 
is as wide as that of the Mississippi, and the undulations 
of surface gradually grow longer and gentler, until, a 
little before the eastern border of the county is reached, 
the surface becomes a level prairie. 
The soil is varied, like the surface. In a few places 
wbiere the sandstone comes to the surface it is a sandy 
loam. The usual surface rock is the Galena limestone, 
which underlies the soil at a depth varying from 4 few 
inches to eight or ten feet, and, with the exception of the 
deep clay loam in some parts of the northern and west- 
ern towns, the usual soil is a rich black loim, with a 
large admixture of vegetable mould, and a subsoil of 

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