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History Community United Methodist Church

Chronological history: Waterford Community United Methodist Church,   pp. 1-11

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p -.Ae 2 
1387 uN . WALT' A HALL, Pastor. Born 1858; Eder 1390; Died 1950. WME 
$erved En.1ish ettrecent also.  (Possib".p CadwellnCd Vernon 7) 
1333   Time o pastor could remain was changed from thret to five years. 
19     Epwr1h Leagtie was orgnized in Ohio     70 chapters existed in Wis-
consin by 1890. 
1;     Wmen were made elibible to serve as ministers, 
91     EWV. Cd4   .< BLD7UCD  Pastor .  BorntSR; Elder  86F4  Died 1902
Ser-vci Engliso  Settlement also,  (0a-LI *,e1  -t, ero  (t 
Served Bm.lisn Iettlem nt,         (l.rno..n(2 
89""  ,L <?,    UI3Y 4&LOON, Pastor (1895-1899) Born 1846;
Rtired 1916; 
Dial 1929.   WNE 
$ewed   n   sh  ettlement Church. 
1q97 ......?::..   irs  Lvdies  la t.....oci.y mee"ing at A. Noll home
 L -ber >-; rt 
Elia.....  Nail'shim e. 
1994-)      w'    NJt WEkD, >astr (1899-1902)    Eider 1904; Rtired 1945;
PPed 1961., W x 
1901   Germen Laiis Aid Society organized at H, baier home on J,.nurry 19.
12Q21 2P .N.SA'LG   i" OLSON, Pastor (1902-1905)  Born i1.865; rtir-
De1955*     N 
1902  Pastors 4n  their congregationswere to vote on whetiher or not 
or how much Gernrn and English was to be usedIiheir church 
se rvices, 
?tstors begvan to, instroct youth from 10to12y.r.of..         i 
preparation for membership. 
190     Revival rteetings were held in tents (19044 913) because wost places
weeotlav     enoh admany would not go into the churches, 
System of' weekly of fering ecvelopes was starced. Giving included 
support of rctired ministers and their Ptmilies. 
122k   REV. JOHN V, PERRY, Pastor (905-1908)     Brn 1877; Retired 1944;
Died 1951     WME 
Served English Stttiment, Cdel,and Vernon. 

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