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History Community United Methodist Church

Chronological history: Waterford Community United Methodist Church,   pp. 1-11

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Co n11ed by,: Ruth Albee, Ihrit  krYl ...l 
D   rn      , St, Cbn 
1859   Methodit used Con11 rretion.l Church on site of rnem   terforil 
HI ;<h School. 
Firct revivl cord ust d by Rev. Pettibre, Cocre    tionali minister 
from Surlington. Msany tanbers were e ditd rw   re sult. 
Ffour yetrue s'<,re n .e. btrndoned untU.  Chrlsthti nvy-ng  an 
nomed Jpm~e  B, Mo.-hesney ctr  to teh    h . .rd 
thce  ethoticst Sunday School in the school And invited i  friend 
... ....4e o m.  * J. P-inter  to  nre  chccz son-lly.  Reyv  P  inter ..
d to Srve    1x     end   atrford in 1869. Meetings were 
held  in  the  G roa t  hfo  iro. . tP, t n  In t - . rrc ........  .. b
  . . I 
R.0n rlotor In thim  bo7sonvnt o f' t f0!Conrg r , qntiow I CtwcPIcr  ' 
cIhu rn  i ts........c, - , 
$;+.vrnh-l.r  rrt onir'g to reO'Rnt17toe).rpt-o, 1 r  y  ,:urtions 
(emvrry temoeronYe tob    o,   tc,.) of the lor  rzrr  ttt e ore- 
v o u.c to t~l birth -of our 4thoet chircimoin  t,~. 
1869   W ,    PAINThE   Pastor,  Hewt; s  C     on-get enlmit fro  st 
Troy, [:e oe 7At thv+ invitation of hi. friend Jms XoChemay, 
.t c,: in the   ublic school. While here ne served bth V4terfor,. 
u  Cm]r9ell.  The chimrch was orss nize  Oct.Q  18 79 
Corfernce ,,us held In Jrnevile, (Birtor D. If. Cli rid 
T-I ^h -oo                       z    c     18% t 
C o -'r f  :t  A co e  0T'n; 's 3......r Jpm 
p Ivieete       mee;sent, 
1879   Women's Foreit- Mist clons Yo  ety-w,,  f v:ned here, 
1870   sABIN HALSEY, P  tor(170173). Born 1843; Retird 1912; Died 1912. 
8 hu h ort-ntze  tber 9, 1870. 
1872   Church mbo ers rtbl  n t,     .,A i, T  ne  ofbh-ne,1.ton 
thocters, horsoe rrms ,  iro s '  or to bold &rtncix ...t  ,rties. This
!      ?7. TRV. GO  ,WO LDT, ....o 
Enls    chuch   rs er cted mnd dedicat& December 28, 1873. Revival 
meetings were held 
I .    John Wesley CathArt    as pr.s14inF eldern I  187?  While. pstor in
Racine (18TV1874) he built the first horseless carrisge powere-d 
by steam, 

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