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The history of Columbia County, Wisconsin, containing an account of its settlement, growth, development and resources; an extensive and minute sketch of its cities, towns and villages--their improvements, industries, manufactories, churches, schools and societies; its war record, biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers; the whole preceded by a history of Wisconsin, statistics of the state, and an abstract of its laws and constitution and of the constitution of the United States

Butterfield, C. W.
V.--Wisconsin as a state,   pp. 52-109 PDF (28.8 MB)

Page 82

      The muster into the United States service of the Twentieth regiment-Bertine
  colonel-was completed on the twenty-,third of August, 1862, at "Camp
Randall," the original
  strength being nine hundred and ninety. On the thirtieth of August the
regiment left the State
  for St. Louis.
      The Twenty-first infantry was organized at Oshkosh, being mustered
in on the fifth of Sep-
 tember, 1862, with a force of one thousand and two, all told-Benjamin J.
Sweet, colonel-
 leaving the State for Cincinnati on the eleventh.
      The Twenty-second regiment-Colonel William L. Utley-was organized at
"Camp Utley,"
 Racine, and mustered in on the second of September, 1862. Its original strength
was one thou-
 sand and nine. It left the State for Cincinnati on the sixteenth.
      On the thirtieth of August, 1862, the Twenty-third regiment-Colonel
Joshua J. Guppey-
 was mustered in at "Camp Randall," leaving Madison for Cincinnati
on the fifteenth.
     The Twenty-fourth infantry rendezvoused at " Camp Sigel,"
Milwaukee. Its muster in was
 completed on the twenty-first of August, 1862, the regiment leaving the
State under Colonel
 Charles H. Larrabee, for Kentucky, on the fifth of September, one thousand
      On the fourteenth of September, 1862, at "Camp Salomon,"
LaCrosse, the Twenty-fifth
 regiment was mustered into the service-Milton Montgomery, colonel. They
left the State on
 the nineteenth with orders to report to General Pope, at St. Paul, Minnesota,
to aid in suppress'-
 ing the Indian difficulties in that State. Their entire strength was one
thousand and eighteen.
 The regiment, after contributing to the preservation of tranquillity among
the settlers, and
 deterring the Indians from hostilities, returned to Wisconsin, arriving
at " Camp Randall" on the
 eighteenth of December, 1862.
     The Twenty-sixth-almost wholly a German regiment-was mustered into the
service at
 "Camp Sigel," Milwaukee, on the seventeenth of September, 1862.
The regiment, under com-
 mand of Colonel William H. Jacobs, left the State for Washington city on
the sixth of October,
 one thousand strong.
     The Twenty-seventh infantry was ordered to rendezvous at " Camp
Sigel," Milwaukee, on
 the seventeenth of September, 1862; but the discontinuance of recruiting
for new regiments in
 August left the Twenty-seventh with only seven companies full.  An order
authorizing the
 recruiting of three more companies was received, and under the supervision
of Colonel Conrad
 Krez the organization was completed, but the regiment at the close of the
year had not been
 mustered into the service.
     On the twenty-fourth of October, 1862, the Twenty-eighth regiment-James
M. Lewis, of
 Oconomowoc, colonel-was mustered into the United States service at "Camp
Washburn," Mil-
waukee. Its strength was nine hundred and sixty-one. In November, the regiment
employed in arresting and guarding the draft rioters in Ozaukee county. It
left the State for
Columbus, Kentucky, on the twentieth of December, where they arrived on the
remaining there until the fifth of January, 1863.
     The Twenty-ninth infantry-Colonel Charles R. Gill-was organized at "
Camp Randall,"'
 where its muster into the United States service was completed on the twenty-seventh
of Sep-
 tember, 1862, the regiment leaving the State for Cairo, Illinois, on the
second of November.
     The Thirtieth regiment, organized at "Camp Randall" under
the supervision-of Colonel
 Daniel J. Dill, completed its muster into the United States service on the
twenty-first of October,
 1862, with a strength of nine hundred and six. On the sixteenth of November,
one company of
 the Thirtieth was sent to Green Bay to protect the draft commissioner, remaining
several weeks.
 On the eighteenth, seven companies moved to Milwaukee to assist in enforcing
the draft in Mil-
 waukee county, while two companies remained in "Camp Randall"
to guard Ozaukee rioters.

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