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The history of Columbia County, Wisconsin, containing an account of its settlement, growth, development and resources; an extensive and minute sketch of its cities, towns and villages--their improvements, industries, manufactories, churches, schools and societies; its war record, biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers; the whole preceded by a history of Wisconsin, statistics of the state, and an abstract of its laws and constitution and of the constitution of the United States

Butterfield, C. W.
V.--Wisconsin as a state,   pp. 52-109 PDF (28.8 MB)

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United States troops. By the first of July, at the same place, the complement
for the Sixth
regiment had been made up, and the companies were mustered for three years
into the service
of the General Government, on the sixteenth of the same month. Governor Randall
did not
stop the good work when six regiments had been accepted, but assigned the
necessary companies
to form two more regiments-the Seventh and Eighth; however, he wisely concluded
not to call
them into camp until after harvest, unless specially required to do so. "If
they are needed
sooner," said the governor, in a letter to the president on the first
of July, "a call will be imme-
diately responded to, and we shall have their uniforms and equipments ready
for them."   "By
the authority of our legislature," added the writer,-'I shall, after
the middle of August, keep
,two regiments equipped and in camp ready for a call to service, and will
have them ready at an
earlier day if needed."
     About the latter part of June, W. P. Alexander, of Beloit, a good marksman,
was commis-
 sioned captain to raise a company of sharpshooters for Berdan's regiment.
He at once engaged
 in the work. The company was filled to one hundred and three privates and
three officers. It
 left the State about the middle of September under Captain Alexander, and
was mustered into
 the service at Wehawken on the twenty-third day of that month, as Company
"G" of Berdan's
 regiment of sharpshooters. On the twenty-sixth of July, a commission was
issued to G. Van
 Deutsch, of Milwaukee, to raise a company of cavalry. He succeeded in filling
his company to
 eighty-four men. He left the State in September, joining Fremont. The company
was after-
 ward attached to the fifth cavalry regiment of Missouri.
     About the 2oth of August, Governor Randall was authorized to organize
and equip as rapidly
 as possible five regiments of infantry and five batteries of artillery,
and procure for them necessary
 clothixng and equipments according to United States regulations and prices,
subject to the inspec-
 tion of officers of. the General Government. The five regiments were to
be additional to the
 eight already raised. One regiment was to be German.' During the last week
of August the
 companies of the Seventh regiment were ordered into "Camp Randall,"
at Madison. They were
 mustered into the service soon after arrival. On the 28th of August orders
were issuea for the
 reorganization of the First regiment for three years, its term of three
months having expired.
 The secretary of war having signified his acceptance of the regiment for
the new term, its mus-.
 tering into the service was completed on the nineteenth of October. This
made six infantry regi-
 ments in addition to the eight already accepted, or fourteen in all. On
the same day orders were
 issued assigning companies to the Eighth regiment,-the whole moving to "Camp
Randall," at
 Madison, the first week in September, where their mustering in was finished
on the thirteenth.,
    The Ninth, a German reginent, was recruited in squads, and sent into
camp, where they were
formed into companies, and the whole mustered in on the 26th of October,
i86i, at " Camp Sigel,'
Milwaukee. Companies were assigned the Tenth regiment on the i8th of September,
ordered into camp at Milwaukee, where it was fully organized about the first
of October, being
mustered into the service on the fourteenth of that month. The Tenth infantry
was enlisted in
September, i86i, and mustered in on the fourteenth of October, i86i, at "Camp
Holton," Mil.
waukee. The Eleventh regiment was called by companies into " Camp Randall"
the latter part
of September and first of October, i86i, and mustered in on the eighteenth.
The Twelfth was
called in to the same camp and mustered in by companies between the twenty-eighth
of October
and the fifth of November, i86i. The Thirteenth rendezvoused at "Camp
Treadway," Janes.,
ville, being, mustered into the United States service on. the seventeenth
of October, 186i. These
thirteen regiments were all that had been accepted and mustered into the
United States servi'e
while Randall was governor.
  From the commencement of the rebellion a great desire had been manifested
for the orgau.

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