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Harvey, Lorenzo Dow, 1848-1922 / Report of the commissioner appointed by the legislature in 1899 to investigate and report upon the methods of proceedure in this and other states and countries in giving instruction in manual training and in the theory and art of agriculture in the public schools

Examinations for teachers' state certificates and for the county superintendent's cerficate PDF (996.2 KB)

ing information j given. The text books are designed for convenience only.
The candidate
may pre    frou  any books of equal rank with those named. He must, however,
be sure
that the  k self cted is of equal rank, as the tests suggested represent
the minimum amount
of knowledge whnch the Board of Examiners deem sufficient.
The canxdidiate twill be expected to draw correctly and creditably any apparatus
or struc-
ture described in the papers on physics, physiology, botany, zoology and
  In connection *ith the work in physics, zoology and chemistry, the candidate
will be re-
quired to present ,a laboratory note-book, which is a genuine record of experiments
by him, and duly certified, of data gathered or work done, with the usual
accompaniments of
diagrams, observations and conclusions. For satisfactory work in these lines,
credit will be
given in each of the three branches.
  READING. Th candidate will be examined orally in these lines:-1. Grasp
of the autbor's
meaning. 2. E  ression. 3. Pronunciation. 4. Kinds of poetry and meters.
The objectof
the oral test is to form an estimate, not only of the candidate's scholarship,
but also of his
personal charact ristics and his use of language.
  AGRICULTURE. James' Practical agriculture, (Appleton's) or Bailey's Principles
of Agri-
culture, (Macmil an).
  CoMPOSITION. Lewis' First Book in Writing English (Macmillan); Scott &
Denny's Ele-
mentary Compos tion, (Allyn & Bacon); Maxwell & Smith's Writing in
English, (American
Book Co.).
  ENoLISo HC  eHY. Larned's History of England, (Houghton, Mifflin &
  AMERICAN Lr rRATURE. Pattee's American Literature, (D. C. Heath).
  CIVIL GOVERN ENT. Familiarity with the text of the constitutions of the
state and nation,
with Fiske's Ci Government in the United States and Hinsdale's American Government
will be required.
  PHYSIOLOGY.   artin's, the Human Body (briefer course).
  PHYSICS.     'a Physics, or, preferably Carhart and Chute's Physics. (Latest
  GEOGRAPHY.    e paper given on this subject will test the candidate's knowledge
of matbe-
  matical, political nd physical geography. Hinman's Eclectic Physical Geography,
or Red-
  way's Elemen   Physical Geography.
  THEORY AND A .T OF TEACHING. Fitch's Lectures; Report of the Committee
of Ten. the
  English, Mathen atics, Natural History and Geography Conferences; the Report
of the Com-
  inittee of Seven c i the Study of History in Schools, and Hinsdale's, The
Art of Study, The
  Art of Teaching, White.
  HISTORY OF kBI rCATION. Browning's History of Educational Theories, Learie's
hise and
  Constitttion of Iniversities, first seven lectures; and Martin's Evolution
of the MaEsacli
  setts Common School System.
  ZOOLOGY. Orton's Zoology and Jordan & Kellogg's Animal Life.-A knowledge
of the
  chief types of animal structure, acquired by dissections, is demanded.
  ENGLISH LrITEIATURE (critical). Shakespeare's Macbeth, Merchant of Venice,
and Julius
  Caesar; Coleridge's Ancient Mariner: Scott's Ivanhoe; Carlyle's Essay on
Burns; Tennyson's
  The Princess; George Eliot's Silas Marner; Milton's Lycidas, Comus, L'Allegro
and II Pense-
  roso; Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America; Macaulay's essays on
Milton and Addison:
  Kipling's The Day's Work; Stevenson's Kidnapped; Longfellow's Keramos.
The selections
  from Shakespeare, Milton, Burke, Carlyle and Tennyson are required, and
the examination
  upon them will be in writing. The candidates may select any three of the
other prose works
  with the other specified works from the poets, for the oral examinations.
  LATIN. Grammar, Ceasar (4 books), Cicero (6 orations), Virgil (6 books
of the AEneid).
  GE~oLoGY. Leconte's Compend of Geology, and a knowledge of the general
geological his-
  tory of Wisconsin. Field notes in geology will be required.
  POLITICAL ECCNOMY. F. A. Walker's (advanced course); Bullock's Introduction
to the
  Study of Econonlics; and Ely's Outlines.
  GENERAL HISTORY. Myer's & Allen's Ancient History, and Meyer's Medisival
and Mod-
  ern History, or Thatcher and Schwill's General History of Europe.
  CHEMIsTRY. Remsen's Chemistry (briefer course). A practical knowledge of
  work and experimientation is required.
  AsTRoNoMY. Young's Elements of Astronomy.
  MENTAL ScIEnCE. James's Psychology from Chapter X.
  ENGLISH LITERATURE (historical). Pancoast's Introduction to English Literature.
  BOTANY. Atkinson's Elementary Botany and Coulter's Plant Study. The candidate
is e-
  pected to acquire much of his knowledge by a study of plants themselves
in the field and
  laboratory. Speeial attention is called to the necessity of studying the
lower plants, as well
  as flowering plants. Candidates cannot hope to pass the examination in
botany solely 1ly the
  study of the text recommended. The preparation should include the careful
study, through-
  out at least one y'-ar, of various types of plants in the field and laboratory.

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