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Harvey, Lorenzo Dow, 1848-1922 / Report of the commissioner appointed by the legislature in 1899 to investigate and report upon the methods of proceedure in this and other states and countries in giving instruction in manual training and in the theory and art of agriculture in the public schools

The state superintendent should be required by law to have educational qualifications PDF (290.4 KB)

The legislature should have power to fix powers, duties, and compensations of this officer, as in the case of all other administrative officers PDF (290.4 KB)

Should enter upon his duties at opening of school year PDF (290.4 KB)

Term of office and mode of selecting other officers of public instruction should be controlled by the legislature as in the case of other officers PDF (290.4 KB)

    -                      ..               .            .
    The sta   S     lse        hula be Required by1AW tA me"
The amendment gives the legislature the power to fix the qualifleations of
ate superintendent. He is not now required to hold even a third grade cer
Leate. At the present time he is required by law to issue all certificates
ih school teachers, and to county superintendents. County superintendents
D required by law to have an- educational qualification to be eligible to
lee, while the state superintendent may be a man who could not. qualif]
her a a high school teacher or as a county superintendent.
w lleIslature Shou'd Have Power to Fix the Powers, Duties, and Compen.
mtS.. of This Officer, as In the Case of AU Other Admlnlstratlve Offikers.
The amendment gives the legislature the power to determine and fix the
wers, duties, and compensation of this officer, as is done in the case of
ier administrative officers of the state government, the Secretary of State,
ste Treasurer, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner, and Railroad
      Should Enter Upon his Duties at Opening of School Year.
!he amendment provides that the state superintendent shall enter upon the
ties of his office at the opening of the school year. At the present time
nes into office at the same time the legislature convenes, with no experience
the administration of the school laws, and as may well happen with
le or no knowledge of the laws in existence, or any definite ideas as to
Kges in the laws. He thus finds himself unable to give information and ad
ce to members of the legislature who may seek such information or advice
legislative matters pertaining to education.
rm of Office and Mode of Selecting Other Offmcers of Public Instrectio.
Sbould be Controlled by the Legislature as in the Case od Other offies.
rhe amendment also provides that the term of office, time and manner of
eting or appointing all other officers of supervision of public instruction
fixed by law, which is exactly what is done in the case of all other offices,
,te or local, which are not constitutional offices.
The representatives of the people in the legislature may safely be trusted
rform the duties devolving upon them by this amendment, and in the inter.
a of the people whom they represent.
[his circular is sent out in order to call the attention of the people to
this im-
rtant amendment, and to inform them fully of its provisions. It is in no
Kolitical measure. Of the one hundred and thirty-three members of the leg-
ature, but two voted against it in 1909, and in 1901 but three voted againsi
A favorable vote upon the amendment is of the most vital importande to
educational interests of the state.
      mau supffhaidsu".

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