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Harvey, Lorenzo Dow, 1848-1922 / Report of the commissioner appointed by the legislature in 1899 to investigate and report upon the methods of proceedure in this and other states and countries in giving instruction in manual training and in the theory and art of agriculture in the public schools

Examinations for teachers' state cerificates and for the county superintendent's cerficate PDF (330.4 KB)

                        STATE OF WISCONSi14-.                          K'"
   Examiafloms for teacers' State        oerricataift 4
                           SUpelhteni    elurs et      C                
  Times and Places.- The examination for teachers' state certificates w ll
be hold as fol-
  lows for 1902:
  August 12, 13, 14, 15, 1902, High School Building, Madison.
  December 29, 30, 31, 1902, and January 1, 1903, High School Building, Madison.
  The examinations for County Superittendent's Certificates will be held
sis follows:
  June 30 and July 1, 2, 3, 1902, Ryan High School Building, Appleton, Wis.,
at the High
  School Building in Eman Claire, Wis., and the High School Building in Madison.
  August 12, 13, 14, 15, 1902, High School Building, Madison.
  l)ecember 29, 30, 31,1902, and January 1, 1903, High School Building, Madison.
  Board of Examiners.- Supt. C. F. Viebahm, Watertown, Chairman; Albert Hardy,
Platteville; Dr. J. W. Stearns, Madison.
  Reports.- As soon as practicable after the examinations, the standing of
applicants will
be determined and reported to the State Superintendent, and a statement giving
results of
such examinations will be sent from his office to each candidate. Notice
of omissions or ap-
parent errors should be addressed to the State Superintendent.
  Concessions.- The requirements of the examiners are absolute, and no material
tions of them should be asked in individual cases.
  Stationery.- Stationery needed will be furnished by the Board of Examiners.
  Character of the Examinations for Teachers' State Certificates.-The following
shows the branches in which candidates will be examined. The minimum standing
in each branch is 65, and the minimum average standing required for a certificate
is 75.
  I. ELEMWNTARY BRANCHES required for the limited (five years) certificate:
orthoepy, orthography, writing, English grammar, arithmetic, geography, U.
S. history,
algebra, geometry, civil government, theory and art of teaching, physiology,
physics, English
itiqratur-i.torical), mental science, manual of the course of study for common
el amend. at Aiiriculture. Americnand En.lis liP-- * .  dya for- ^ ommo schools
hISwrV.       *         -   --              utoistLure, nngnsa compriition
and English
   II. ADVANCED BIANCHES required in addition to the preceding for the unlimited
 tjeicate: Botany, zoology, political economy, general history, history of
education, *geology,
 *chemistry, *astronomy, tEnglish literature (critical), tLatin.
   Experience-Moral Character.-To obtain the limited certificate, the candidate
must have
 taught successfully at least twelve months; and to obtain the unlimited
cfrtificate, he must
 have taught successfully at least twenty-four months. Satisfactory evidence
of moral char-
 acter and Successful teaching are required for which the candidate must
furnish to the Board
 acceptable references.
 Time Limits.- Candidates for limited certificates will be allowed trials
at three conseca-
 tire sessions of the Board of Examiners in which to complete the examination;
but if three
 trials are taken, the standings obtained previous to the third trial must
be above the minimum
 average, or must be brought up by re-examination at the third trial.
 Candidates holding the limited certificate will be allowed trials at any
two consecutive
 sessions of the Board of Examiners during the validity of the certificate
held, in which to
 complete the examination for a life certificate. Candidates for the life
certificate who hold
 normal school certificates, will be required to pass examinations in algebra
and geometry in
 addition to the studies listed under I.
 Within the times herein fixed, re-examinations will not be required upon
branches in which
 a satisfactory standing has been attained.
 Persons who hold a county superintendent's certificate may within one year
from its date
 secure a limited state certificate bypassing the examinations in English
Literature and
 Mcr-ntal Science.
 Selecting Examinations.- Candidates are advised not to attempt to pass all
the examina-
 tiWIs at one session, but to distribute their work so as to write in not
more than one branch
 In tny half day. That this may be done, the program of examinations remains
 from year to year.
 Suggestions for Preparation.- For the guidance of those who desire to review
any of the
studies before examination, or are making original preparation in these branches,
the follow-
  * he candidate may elect an one of these three branches.
  I    Ile, candidate may elect either of these branche,

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