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Hartwig, Theodore E. F. / Letters, 1846 and 1851 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, SC 167

Cedarburg, Washington County (Wis)/ November 21, 1851,   pp. [1]-7 PDF (2.4 MB)

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and three log houses.  Naturally, we went to the hotel to refresh ourselves
with a noon meal and to equire about Luning.  The land lord, a Kurhesse from
Rotenburg*, asked about our circumstances and when he heard that I was a
physician, he advised me to settle down here, because many Germans lived
here and there was not doctor to be found within twenty miles.  I made a
quick decision, because I had only twenty dollars left, returned to Milqukee,
got my things and in a few days had plenty to do, at which tim the little
pharmacy of C. M. Demann did me good service.  I had the good fortune to
be immediately called upon for sever surgical operations which turned otu
well--an amputation of five toes, and a light hernia operation.
 During the first days after my arrival I became acquainted with the yound
son of the elder Boclo who had been roaming around in Milwaukee all summer,
was ill and without surplus funds.  I asked him to joint me and had him with
me for two years, during which time I dispelled his tedium by teaching him
how to dispense medicine which has now provided him with a sure living. 
He had received an invitation froma Milwaukee physician to look after the
latter's pharmancy for half the proceeds.  Thereby he saved considerable
money and now has his own pharmacy here.  But to return to my story.  
 I resided in a small room in the hotel which was my living room, bedroom,
and pharmacy combined.  For this I paid fouteen shilling or one and three-fourths
dollars per week.  During this time Boclo and I often suffered from homesickness,
because we had no company and no diversion except hunding, which I soon had
to give up, because pati4ents continue to come while I was away on a hunt,
the same fate that Baus had.
 In the summer of 1847 I bought my first horse which was a 
*Courad Horneffer who build and operated Cedarburgs first hotel

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