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Hartwig, Theodore E. F. / Letters, 1846 and 1851 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, SC 167 ([unpublished])

Cedarburg (Wis) September 25, 1846,   pp. [1]-23 PDF (8.9 MB)

Page 22

voices of the people.  My dream which I had with eyes open as though I were
actually there, frequently reminded me thereafter of teh poem by Chamisso,
"The Castle of Boucourt", "I dreamed myuself back
to childhood
(Ich traumt als kind mich Zuruck).
 I was soon separated from my melancholy and nostalgic thoughts by the joyful
announcement that dinner was ready.  Such an attack on the food I have never
seen before.  The people had to serve us three times.  I regaled myself particualrly
with beefsteak, salad, and potatoes, and for desert I had rye bread and fresh
 The mode of eating is here quite different from that in Germany.  At seven
in the morning one eats the same as in the evening.  Roast, warm and cold,
potatoes, usually fried ones, other like foods and coffee is served.  Of
breakfast and four o'clock lunch one knows nothing.  At first it seemed strange
that one fills one self so full of food at seven in the morning that one
can wait until noon, but one grow accustomed to everything.
 Because this hotel did not suit us very well, we returned late in the evening
to our ship which had meanwhile remained at the dock.  but before hand we
took a walk along Broadway, the principal street of the city.  Next day our
things were unloaded and I had to remain aboard nearly all day, since it
was necessary for me to be on hand and see to it that my belongings were
all brought to light, and also because one must be present when the customs
officers make their inspeciton.  The examination was very superficial--I
could have smuggled everything imaginable.

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