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Hartwig, Theodore E. F. / Letters, 1846 and 1851 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, SC 167 ([unpublished])

Cedarburg (Wis) September 25, 1846,   pp. [1]-23 PDF (8.9 MB)

Page 15

one, then with the other helmsman according to which one was 
on duty.  The cabin boy had to bring us several cups of 
excellent coffee with  which we smoked a fine Bremer cigar an~
 did some reading.
 So I was as well off as if I had been quartered in the
 cabin, while all the steerage passengers, as well as those 
between decks, were soon infested with vermin.       Once I almost
became seasick from sheer disgust; when I recently had to 
perform the forceps operation I became so covered with lice
and fleas that I scarcely knew what to do.    I, therefore, went
 to the boat which hangs at the rear end of the ship and peeled 
myself bare, and after putting on clean apparel had hot sea-
Water poured over my other clothes, but all day I shivered from 
time to time as though water were being poured over my head.
 Since then I have taken care not to get more such unwelcome 
 I had a great deal fo fun fishign, which was done mostly with harpoons.
The first fish we caught was a porpoise which is about six to eight feet
long and rushes by ahead of the ship, in great herds.  These fish have a
snout almost like that of a pig and when they swim, they shoot up out of
the water and back again always in arcs and with tremendous speed.  Due to
the rapidity of their movement their long flappers seem like ears so they
look very much like a pig.  They are caught with harpoons.  The harpoonish,
with his harpoon stands under the bowsprit because they always swin clost
to the front of the ship.  The rope to which the harpoon is fastened passes
through a windlass overhead and when the fish is hit it is pulled up.  In
this manner we took five.  Their flesh, pre-

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