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Hartwig, Theodore E. F. / Letters, 1846 and 1851 [Transcriptions]
Call Number, SC 167

Cedarburg (Wis) September 25, 1846,   pp. [1]-23 PDF (8.9 MB)

Page 8

spoke thus to him he changed his manner, gave me a ticket and
 begged me to bring my effects to the harbor immediately where a coasting
ship lay which would take passengers and luggage to Bremerhafen gratis, and
which was due to leave within a half hour.  I could not get my things there
any cheaper and decided to go the Bremerhafen by steamer on the following
 Then my evil star brought my land lord to me who advised me to ride on the
boal ship because I would probably find no space ont he following morning
and besides I could ride free of charge on the coal ship.
 Since the fatal craft was ready to lave, I had not time to use better judgement
and went aboard (for which I had to pay dearly.) Imagine a space thirty to
thirty-five feet long and perhaps twelve feet wide, therein eighty or ninety
people with all their earthy belongins, the forward deck closed, except for
a small opening for entering or leavins, add to this the presecne of several
boys who were scratching their heads with both hands as though they would
tear themselves apart, and you can image the agreeable predicament I was
in, which became more painful when I learned form teh lone sailor that we
would have to travel three days in this coop.  This I, alas, you poor head
cheese 9Schwartenmagen) now you're in for it!
 But luckly we sat on a sand bar all Tuesday morning and I had the pleasure
of once more setting foot on the German fatherland thorough the help of the
sailor who for a gratuity of a few pennies rowed us in a boat to the shore.
 Here we exchanged all the pennies which we still had for wheat bread, rye
bread, and beer so my head cheese which you, Ida, packed

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