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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company meeting minutes, 1889a: 1889-1914]

1898,   pp. [58]-60

Page 60

3 Directr s   - ±u _mi ilton Manufacturing Company met
this.0      the office of Nash & Nash, in the city of Manitowoc,
County of Manitowoc, State of Wisconsin, at 10 o'clock A. M. to
transact business. J. F. Hamiltcn, Pres-dent, present and pre-
siding. L. J. Nash, Secretary, also present. William D. Richards
being absent could not be potified and was not present.
Minutes of the directors' meeting held September 7th,
189     ad and apprcved,
he following resolution was offered by 1. J. Nash:
qREAS, at the meeting of this Board held September 7th,
186., .dend equal to the difference between the stock now out-
standing and the sum of $250,000 was declred and was made payable
in fresh issues of stckl instead of money, and such stock dividends
were directed to be distributed to the stockholders pro rata accord-
ing to their present holdings;
AND WHEREAS, at present there are outstanding 414-3/8
hares of the capital stock of said Company, whicT should be in-
the aforesaid stock dividend to 2500 shares;
erefore, pursuant to said resolution, be it further
iSOLVED, that in making said distribution of stock divi-
df        _."mber of shares issued to each present stockholder be
such a number as will make the number of shares held by him a whole
number of shares withiut any fractional share, and to each of those
who receive by that method of distribution less stock than the divi-
dend entitles him to, the deficiency shall be paid by the corporation
in money, and each one who by that method receives more stock than
his dividend entitles him to be required to pay to the corporation
in money the excess of stock so issued to him beyond the amount of
his dividend.
RESOLVED FURTHER, that to the several stockholders there
be issued the number of shares set opposite their names respectively
and that there be paid by the corporation to each, or by each to the
corporation, the sum of money set opposite the name of each as
hereinafter stated:
Shareholders.     No. of shares to be issued.      Balance in Cash.
T. F. Hamilton          918-1/2             to be paid to him    5.58
. D. Richards           543-7/8              "  "   *   *  "   33.79
P. Haml3ton           176                   "  *   *   " "    16.14
.J. Nawh                156                  "  "   n   a n     2.87
. C. Clark              122-5/8              "  "   *   "  "    5.88
)avid Ncttage             25                                    1 . 5 9 "  6.50
. F. Spindler           126                  "  "   " by   "   17.05
. G. Nash                17-5/8              "  "   "   " "    63.80
(signed) a. J. Ngh
ed that this meeting do nw adjourn sine die.

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