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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company meeting minutes, 1889a: 1889-1914]

1898,   pp. [58]-60

Page [58]

Manitovwoc, His., si<.   , 1   .
The directors of the Hamilton Manufacturing Company met
t iy -t the office of Nash & Nash, in the city of Manitowoc,
c untj of Manitowoc, State of Wisconsin, at 2 o'clock P. M., to
t-*sact business. J. E. Hamilton, President, present and presid-
I ; William D. Richards, present, L. J. Nash, Secretary, also
present,- the said J. E. Hamilton, William D. Richards and L. J.
NT-,_- tituting the full board of directors of said company.
Linutes of the directors meetings held February 26, Sept-
emer 2 ad November 24, 1897, read and approved.
L. .T, Nash presented the following resolution:
"Manitowoc, Wis., Sept. 7, 1898.
"Ril.    -              'i proceed by ballot to elect
o" icers for the current year eiiding at the holding of the next
anualmetinr of stockholders.
(Signed) L. J. Nash.*
Ad il
tursuant to said resolution, a ballot being taken, James
E. Ham!lt was elected president and treasurer, W. D. Richards was
elected vice-president and Lyman J. Nash was elected secretary of
-he following resolution was offered by W. D. Richards:
"Resolved that James E. Hamilton be, and he hereby is,
eneral manager of this corporation with the sime powers
-  t- >   eised by him in that office.
Signed) W. D. Richards."
he following resolution was introduced by W. D. Richards:
"Resolved that the stary of J. E. Hamilton as treasurer
manager for the year 1898 be fixed at the same as paid
Signed) W. D. Richards."
L. J. Nash offered the following resolution:
"Resolved that the general manager be, and he hereby is,
to pay H. P. Hamilton twenty five hundred   dollars,
PS.0~' ,= '-'       sfor the year 1898.
\Signed) L. J. Nash.'

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