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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company meeting minutes, 1889a: 1889-1914]

1896,   pp. 50-52

Page 50

Manitowoc, 'Jis ., January 23, 1296
: this day at the office of Tash PCash in the city of
"     ise              .o           . T). Richards and Lman
cTf, )irectors of Tie *arilton 'anufacturingc ompany, elected as
.uch at the annual meeting of the stockholders of said corporation
old at the Company'c office in the city of Two Rivers, Wisconsin,
the 27th in::t., et for the purpo!:e of electirg officers and
ransactigsvch other businesc as might be necessary.
Minutes of the Tirectors' meetings held 7§nuary 22, April
y 28, 7uly 31 and December 20, 1895, read and aproveo.
. D. Richarlo prescented the follwirg resolution:
"anitowoc, Wi ., Jan. 29,  9
R$OLVED, that thish oard proceed by ballot to <at
Sfor t!o ensui-in- rear next for rming t'is meeting.
(Figned   W. D. Richards ."
E-suant to said resoIution upon>71ot being taken 2Th?
.H  ilon was elected President a-d ?rfE,:"r, *. P. RicharC .as
½c4-' 7ri.ce President, and Lyman J. -Ths>'.we ePete  recretar of
e following resolution was of - > ". P. Richards:
"Hanitowoc, Wis., Jan. 39, 1839E.
*OLVED, t at James P. !Iamilton be, and he hereby is,
-.neral managerof thic corporation with the same pow-Iers
eretofore exercised by him in that office.
(Figned) W. D. Fichards."
ted that 'he resolution adopted at the annual meeti   of
Irders of this Co+Ipay 01d on the 27th inst. request`ig
e directors to fix to salary of the treasurer and general manager
c ratified and approved.
e following resolution was of lered ': 71. P. -iohards:
"Hanitowoc, Wis., Jan. 29, 189C.
'SOLVED, that the salary of J. E. Hamilton, as treasurer
anager for t'e year 1896 be fixed at 14000.
(Sig.ned) VT. D. Richards."
P. Richards offered the following resolution:
"Manitowoc, Wis., Jan. 29, 1896.
SOLVED, that the general manager be, and he hereby is,
rt oizOd to pay H. P. Hamilton :2000 for his services for the r
(Signed) "I. D. Richards."       bti
e followig resolution ra( 11, 1 ()1!   V. P. P chav(           e
IPVAS, the financial statement of the Treasurer of The
ufacturing Company filed with the Secretary on the 27th u
nst shows that there is enouih cash on hand wrich, in the opinion
2 the Directors, may be used in paying a dividend to the stockhold-
-rs of said Company of ten per cent withott impairing its ability to
,eet all. current expenses, therefore
RESOLVPED, that there be, and that there hereby is, de-
flared a dividend upon all the stock of said Company to the Reveral
I ve owners thereof of ten per cent of sch stock.
(Signed)  J. D. Richards."
and approved.
Dr ourn sine die.

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