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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company minute book, 1926]

[Miscellaneous documents]

Conditional Contract of Sale
I, the undersigned, have this day received from The American Cabinet Co., Two Rivers, Wis., the following property
in good condition and of the value stated:
which Iagree to purchase and to pay toThe American Cabinet Co., or assigns, the sum of
..........................- .. ..... ---------- --......dollars. Iagreetopay
down at the time of the signing of this condition contract of sale                  ...................   ..........dollars
to apply on the purchase price, and          ......................dollars uponthe.. ......  dayof eachandevery
month of each year, represented by a series of notes with legal interest, which notes form a part of this contract, one note
in said series payable on the. ... ... of each and every month until the purchase price with interest is fully paid.
As a part of the consideration of this purchase, I agree that I will carefully use said personal property hereinbefor
described and not permit any other person to obtain the custody or control thereof, nor sell, remove or permit the same to
be removed from the premises known as No.......         ...... .... .... .. ..            .....       my present
business office address, without written consent from The American Cabinet Co.
And as a further consideration, I agree to keep said personal property insured at my expense in the name of The
American Cabinet Co., and that the policy or policies of insurance are to remain in the possession of said Company until
said personal property is fully paid.
And it is expressly understood and agreed that The American Cabinet Co. does not part with, and retains title, to all
of the personal property hereinbefore mentioned, and that the possession of said chattels by me is without any ownership
therein being acquired by me, nor any title thereto, until the payment of the full purchase price with interest, or the pay-
ment in full with interest of all said serial notes.
And in the event of my failure to make the payments with interest, as hereinbefore provided, or the violation of any
of the provisions of this contract on my part, then it is agreed that the full purchase price shall become due and payable at
once, and that The American Cabinet Co., or its agents or representatives, is hereby authorized to enter upon the premises
where said property or any part thereof is situated and take possession of the same without instituting replevin action, or
any other legal proceeding for the recovery of said property. and may sell the same at public or private sale at any time
without notice to me. And should the said chattels sell for less than the unpaid balance due, together with the actual costs
and expenses of taking and retaining said chattels, and the cost of the sale, I agree, as a part of the consideration herein, to
pay the deficiency. And any surplus remaining after the foregoing payments and expenses are paid, if any, is to be
returned to me.
I certify that I have received a copy of this conditional contract of sale; that I am over twenty-one years of age, and
that the representative or agent of the Company has made no written or verbal contract with me other than as
herein stated.
Name                                                          (Seal)
Witness                                      Addres,
State of                               Before me personally appeared
County of
City of
to me known to be to Derson described in. and who executed in my presence the foregoing instrument and
acknowledged that he (id sign, seal, execute and deliver the same, and that same is his free act and deed.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal, this
. .d......ay of.. . . ...       .A.    .
Notary Public

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