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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company minute book, 1926]

[Miscellaneous documents]

NASH &      NASH
Secretary, Hamilton        C        -
.o Rivers, 7isconsi.
Thave been in Cmica .o ll i   t i3   e.u, iu
return find yours of the 25th inst., making certai2
inquiries about annual stockholders' meeting.    7
- is connection I beg to advise you as follows:
1. In what I say below, I will callHani -
ton Manufacturing Company the "new company",
<nd I will call The Hami   a   o      rin
Company the "old company".
2. Have the annualstockiolv.s               -
!he new company held in the usual way, jus
s we have done for many years with the ol
company.   That is, let two or three stock,-
olders meet on Pebruary 7th, pursuant to
otice, and adjourn the meeting to whateve-
-lay is convenient.  Then, on the adjourne.
late, the stockholders can Zet together an
elect their directors -nd nttend to the u
iusiness that co
holders' meeting.
3. As to the readin   of 7-e minuUes  t t
annual stockholders' meeting, the only min
cwill be those of the organization meeting.
3ince these are rather long, they can be E
if the stockholders pass a vote to that efi
4. As to the old company, I would not bothe
to call any stockholders' meeting at all.
only stockholders remaining are J. E. Hamiltoi:
Jeorge S. Hamilton, H. C. Gowran, H. Rowley an.
jourself.   In fact, I am not sure that Mr. J.
Hamilton has any stock.    If not, there are on
.he remaining four.    The old company has not
done any business since the reorganization.
ias not owned any property (except certain se-
irities of7 t'e ne coc 'ny "ich it is holdic

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