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Voskuil, W. C. / Annual report of W. C. Voskuil, county agricultural agent of Grant County, Wisconsin: 1938-1939

Oat test plots yield results,   pp. 16-18 PDF (557.6 KB)

Agricultural committee secures visual aid equipment,   p. 18 PDF (213.4 KB)

Annual horse show held,   p. 18 PDF (213.4 KB)

Page 18

          Notice thrt fertilization brought earliir m:'turity
nd .n ever-ge of 10.7 more bushels of osts pur acre.   B..r in
mind th-t only 407 of the fertilization v9lud is used the first
yer r while the rest is used in succeeding yeurs.  Little ini'orm-
otion coald be obt'in;_d on lodi'ng resistnce, but the fertilizer
data Speaks for itself. O-?O-10 f rtilizer wes used     t the rate
of 200 pounds per acre.
          The Agricultur -l Committee last summer decided to use
an advertising rnthod ns e mu ns of s-ecuring a complete motion
eictur, erid sound eluipment !or usc by the oflice.  This is a
16 mm set with amjlifiur, loud spe'rkc, microphone rnd phonogrmph.
This mnchine cn be put to many uses mnd should be of inestim-.ble
value to the work of the office.   The Committc-i rrc to be
congretulDtecd on their initintiv, in securing this e.,uipment
without c'pense to the County -nI in , manner which has been
entirely satisf.ctory in oth;r counties wherr. it h-s beu-n used.
                    ANNU2'L HORSE SHOu': HE1LD
           Tienty-five hundred f.rm folks attended the four
county horse show: held this f-ll ,it D rlington.  The counties
includ&d .re Gr-'nt, Iov.:- , Lri'Fyette and Gr;_n.  About 100 horses
were e,.hibitud.  Gr-nt County v;on Gr-nd Cnhmpion stdllion in
both Delgi-n -nd Percheron divisions.   The Le.ncrster Coin:)ny
hore wiiuiing thy. 'waxrd in thr. Belgi-n Cless ,nd th;. st-llion
o-ned by Carl Forck of Glen lirven winning the 'ward in the
Percheron Class.  The enthusiasm of the crowd showed thrt good
horses nre still very much appreciited by f-rm people.

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