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Voskuil, W. C. / Annual report of W. C. Voskuil, county agricultural agent of Grant County, Wisconsin: 1938-1939

Biggest 4 H year since 1931,   pp. 2-8 PDF (1.3 MB)

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           Wide Awake Willing Workers
                Mrs. L. Uridol, Bpgley
                Mr. Keith Martin, Bngley
           Xilling VWorkers
                Mr. Eobert Swenson, Fennimoro
                Mrs. Peter Flnthom, Fennimore
           Woodchuck and Rock
                Mrs. C. 0. IManuell, Platteville
           A few of the most important county . H events include
Annual Leaders meeting held at Fennimoru;, four days of clothing
and foods work for girls at various cent .rs in the County, boys
dairy and livestock judging contests, Annual 4 H Club Round Up,
State Fair and Annual Achieveuennt Day.
           The leaders meeting was hlv d April 6 at Fonnimore.
Thirty-si- leaders from all parts of the County were present.
The evening was spent in laying out a County 4 H Program for
the year and discussing methods of improving the work in
individual clubs.
           Girl members of 4 H Clubs were each given a chance
to attend meetings conducted by Univ(rsity specialists in foods
and nutrition and clothing subjects. These aiectings were held
at five different centers and nint- metiigs were held with
about 350 girls present.
           Prulimin;ry and final judgitig contests were held for
both dairy and livestock club mnembers.  These vweru in thi form
of tours with stops being made on farms in all parts of the
County. This rtlea.ns w-s used for giving training in livestock
work as well as selecting the champion judges to represent Grant
County at the State Fair.

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