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Gleanings of '24

[Literary],   pp. 69-[73]

Page 71

lie set off' to search the other roois' for clocks. After satisfyng 
himself that tihere were no more clocks remaining downstairs, he hur- 
riedly 1venl upstairs. 
There he loumI nothing in the line of time meters. On his way 
down| stairs, he ItIa rd a graudfather clock boom out tile eighth hour in
lit(, hall below--ant soinewhere from the first floor he heard the cuckoo
of another clock. 
"L, td.'  he  niultered, 'Missed  two of 'era.' 
Just at that nomnlet the door opeuued front the hal below and he 
sa v a flash light play alout the walls and lhoor. The light disappeared
at lid he h eard Ihe soft tread ot somte one approaching the library. 
Quielly and cautiously he descended the stairs. Then htoh tiptoed 
to tihe door of ite library. lit the darkness lie could distinguish a form
.'nel ing bef ore a  afe . Curtis stood vatchi|np , nervously toying with
Ihe flash light. Suddenly without warning he unconsciously pressed 
lte button. The ray of bright light streamed into the library atid fell 
directly upon til  kneeling man before an open safe. Startled tlhe 
lla|,    th    o his feet. and rushed for the door. He butijed into 
Curtis and sent hint sprawling uponi the floor. The next instant lie col-
lided witlhi sonito'te in the hall. then escaped through the front door.
Curtis teard lie startled voice of Professor Boardman calling oit to 
hie hurgher to stop. 
A tew imintes aft'er that Curtis r'ound himself in Professor Board- 
mai's lilrary. holdi|ng a large blue bunp on his head. and trying to ex-
plaii lie eve ing ,ccUrre nce and his own presence in the house. Of 
'ors) , h' e had to tell about the clocks, and when Ie finished, although
the Professor's face was stern and grave, he could see the boyish mirth 
in those blie eyes. The Professor finally said, ''You may have saved 
my house froni being rolted by comiing tonight, but you certainly 
haven't acconiplislod anything in detainitig your Physic experiments, 
a.d by thi way, they must be completed for to-morrow's class or there 
will be no credit for Exams. 
Friday the menibers of the 'Bonus Puer Club" took the Physic 
Exam. They all passed however, although none had obtained the cre- 
(lit in the experiments. It was mere luck the boys had declared. 
The Professor thought differently however, for no one but Pro- 
lessor Boardman himself knew how after the exciting night of the 
faculty iteeting after Curtis' departure. he had taken two of the most 
difficult questions off from the Physic's Exam list. 
-Beatrice A. Renal. 
Teacher: "Johnie where does our sugar come from?" 
Johnie: "I dom't know." 
Teacher: "Why Johnie don't you know where our sugar comes 
ron T' 
Johnie: "Oh! from the next door neigphbor." 
Mr. Boardman: "Why did you break your engagement with that 
school teacher?" 
Mr. Holzman: "Because she wanted a written excuse by my mother 
for any night I didn't call on her. 
"Thus men grow wise every day. 

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