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Town of Frankfort centennial

Township tidbits,   pp. 138-144 ff.

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grossly change the relationship between the earth and the sun,
there is no reason to believe that cycle will not continue. It would
be presumptuous to think the pattern will change just because
we're here," the scientist concluded.
State championship title
Wenzel honored at Colby Sunday (1974)
State Champ - Gus Wenzel displays his trophy and a map of
Wisconsin showing the wrestling meets that step by step took
him to Madison Saturday where he won the State Champion-
ship title in his class. The picture was taken in the CHS gym
Sunday afternoon where a large crowd gathered to honor their
Champion. A television set on the stage and one placed on each
side of the gym allowed the gathering to watch the re-run of
Wenzel's championship bout.
Kilty new president of state school group
(January 1982)
Merlin Kilty of rural Colby was selected last week as the new
president of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards. His
election came during the organization's annual convention in
Kilty, 46, is a nine-year member of the Colby School Board,
and is currently vice president of the board. With his three sons,
he operates a 640 acre dairy farm near Colby. He is a member
of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA)
Board of Control, chairs a regional Cooperative Education
Service Agency(CESA) board and serves on the governing board
of the Wisconsin High School Forensics Association.
He is also a member of the board of directors of an insurance
company and is past president of the Wisconsin Farm Business
Association. As WASB president for one year, he will head a
group which represents 2,800 school board members in all of
Wisconsin's 433 school districts.
1958 Tornado
Marathon County Damage is Heavy From Worst Storm Here
in 28 Years
Damages that may aggregate hundreds of thousands of
dollars were caused in Marathon County, particularly in the
western and southwestern areas, by the worst windstorm the
area has experienced since the June 13, 1930, tornado leveled
more than 200 barns in the western part of the county and in ad-
joining counties. Much of the damage was caused in the Towns
of Johnson, Hull and Frankfort.
Completely leveled barns, damaged dwellings, disrupted
telephone and electric services, windowless homes and twisted
and mangled farm machinery were left in the wake of the storm
that was at its height between 9 and 11 o'clock last night.
A Town of Frankfort farmer named Elmer Mueller, report-
edly lost a barn and sustained severe damage to the family
Other barns reported down in the Town of Frankfort were on
the Herbert Brown, Albert Podevels, Walter Remus and Wil-
liam Martin farms.
Persons who traveled in the stricken areas of the Towns of
Johnson, Hull and Frankfort reported the destruction of many
of the downed barns to be so complete that "only kindling" was
left of some of them.
The complete leveling of some farm structures was also
accompanied by the partial destruction and serious damage to
others. There were reports of end walls being blown out of some
barns, doors and windows being ripped loose and valuable farm
machinery scattered over a wide area and badly damaged.
Efforts to secure contacts in the stricken areas were delayed
by the special demands being made upon the lines still function-
ing since relatives from away were seeking to assure themselves
of the safety of relatives in the communities hit by the storm.
The damage in rural areas was in strange contrast to
Wausau and other more settled communities, where the dam-
age was listed to washed out lawns, gardens, and some minor
1967 Tornado
Only the Silo Still Stood - Mike Hartl Jr. farm.

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