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Town of Frankfort centennial

Township tidbits,   pp. 138-144 ff.

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Post Offices and Mail Carriers
The first post office where residents of Frankfort could pick
up their mail was the Richard Bahr residence in the Town of
Wien, Section 30 across the road from Frankfort. It was opened
in 1870 and in operation until about 1890. The south side
residents probably went to March Rapids and the west side to
Perry Swan, who owned the Swan saw mill in Section 2,
established a post office in 1884 and operated it until 1892. It
was then moved to the Joseph Schmirler residence in Section 10
until 1898. From there to the Lewis Chapman residence in
Section 3 until 1903 or 1904 when the rural route delivery
system went into effect.
Up until this time the mail was delivered on horseback to the
local post office and each resident picked up his own mail.
The mail carriers who served on Colby Route 1 into Frankfort
were first King Cole, Herbert Lawge, Harry Collier, John
Peterson, Harold Reyer, Joe Will, Joe Steinwand, Frank Goltz,
Frank Sell, Frank Goltz Sr. Angus Lamont and Kenneth Laube.
The mail carriers on Edgar Route 1 serving Frankfort were
Charles Graves, Albert Prehl, Douglas Rifeman, Herbert Straub,
Roy Fergot and Willie Hall.
LaVerne Bornowski on her father's turkey farm.
Highway N
The road now known as County Trunk N was the direct route
from Colby to Wausaubefore State Highway29 ws builtin 1929.
The old direct route was the first road running east and west
through Frankfort and with the coming of the automobile, the
county named this road Highway 16 in 1918. It was also called
the Yellowstone Trail because this was one of the well-known
routes to take you to the Yellowstone Park.
The route was also used the the bus lines running between
Wausau and Eau Claire. Later the route was called Highway 29
until the new 29 was built in 1929. Now it is County Trunk N.
Highway 97 was built in 1930 running from Marshfield to
Athens. The old 97 ran one mile east of the present road through
the town of Wien.
Supervisors Size Up Situation
Chairmen of neighboring townships and friends of long
standing, Richard Totzke, Town of Frankfort, 5 feet, 3 inches
tall and weighing 130 pounds, jokes with Donald Franckowiak,
Town of Eau Pleine, 6 feet, 5 inches tall, weighing 240 pounds.

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