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Town of Frankfort centennial

Pioneer memories,   pp. 77-110

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Ballerstein and Bornowski
Family Tree
Gust Ballerstein came from around Gladau Germany He
married Dorothea Dittmar, born 1/7/1863
Whihelm b. 2/1885 d. 1/10/1959. He married Louise Syring
on 10/11/1913. They had Norma, Imgard and Myrtle.
Gust Jr. b. 1/27/1887 d. 10/26/1947. He married Alice
Eggebrecht b. 11/28/1893 d. 6/13/1979. They had Viola, Clar-
ence, Eleanore, Milda and Arlene. They were married 5/8/1912.
Otto b. 7/31/1888 d. 9/19/1910 in a hotel fire at Abbotsford.
Emma b. 7/8/1889 d/1/26/59. She married John Krueger b.
2/26/1878 d. 7/27/1961. They had Golda 2/17/1908.
Herman b. 9/13/1891 d. 7/31/73 He married Laura Hoefs b.
2/21/1905 d. 10/11/1984. They had Willis, Robert, Delbert,
Audrey, Erna, Herman Jr. and Arla Mae.
All the Ballerstein children were born in Germany.
Adolph Bornowski Sr. b. 10/27/1865 d. 6/26/1933. Dorothea
Dittmar-Ballerstein came to Frankfort in the spring of 1894.
They lived in the Hamann sawmill until they got a place built in
Sec. 13.
Adolph Jr. b. 7/5/1894 (there was frost on the roads that
morning) d. 12/5/1962. He married Gertrude Custer b. 3/22/
1902, on 6/20/1920. They had Leonard, Arnold, and Violet.
Emil b. 1/4/1897 d. 4/20/1941 married Elsie Borchardt b. 6/
1/900 d. 10/28/1934 on 6/1/1920. They had Freddie, Dorothy,
Marion, Marie and Bernice.
Richard b. 1/2/1899 d. 8/1968 married Leona Schneider b. 3/
10/1898 d. 1982. They raised their niece Alice Schneider.
Alma b. 8/19/1903 married Henry Randt b. 4/4/1896. d. 10/
14/1963. They had Gordon, Doris, Ray, Eunice, Janet and
Ida b. 10/16/1905. Married Lester Schneider b. 3/2/1903 d.
5/6/1971. They had Lester Jr., Carol and Duane.
The Louis Bandle History
Louis Bandle was born April 3,1879 in Washington County,
which is in the SE part of the State of Wisconsin. What was his
home farm then is now the Milwaukee Zoo. As a young man he
came to live in the Town of Frankfort, Section 25.
He bought a farm from Ed Protze in 1909. Then in 1916 he
married Dora Lueschow. They were blessed with two children:
Ruth and Raymond. Louis farmed that homestead until 1947,
when he bought the Paul Syring farm, just a mile north across
from the home place.
Louis' son, Raymond, and his wife Genevieve, moved on the
big farm and Louis and Dora moved into the little house just a
short distance east, which was the Fred Eggebrecht place. He
always helped his son on the farm, even three weeks before he
died at the age of 90.
The History of the
Raymond Bandle Family
There is just the two of us living in our home. Ray &
Genevieve, or Gen for short. Ray has been a resident of the Town
of Frankfort all of his life and Genevieve since the two were
married in June 1943, when he just crossed the line into the
Town of Wien to find her. Ray has been a farmer all of his life
and loves it. He was very active in Men's Club and Dart Ball
with his church. He was a milk truck hauler for fourteen years
for Huebner's Cheese Factory on Highway 97 one mile from his
place. Ray also worked for the ASCS as a field reporter for two
years and then in the office for twenty-five years, retiring in
Genevieve is a member of St. John's Ladies Aid and was a
member of the CWF Homemakers for forty years, holding many
offices in the club. In 1961-62 she was Stratford District
Chairman, which she enjoyed very much. We belong to St.
John's Lutheran Church in the Town of Wienjust one mile from
Gen's home where she lived all of her life. She attended Edgar
High School.
We were blessed with two daughters - Carol Jean and
Sandra Rae. Carol Jean lives with her husband Gary Stengel in
Wausau. They have three sons, Robb, Rich and Ryan. Carol
Jean attended Stratford High School. She was prom queen and
later married the prom king. She is very active in church work
and enjoys many kinds of crafts. Her husband is employed at
Wausau Insurance. Their sons attended Trinity Lutheran
School and Wausau West High School. Their oldest son Robb
graduated from Luther College in May and was married June
30, 1990.
Sandra Rae lives with her husband John Schafer in Rice
Lake. They have one daughter, NiKandra Rae. Sandra Rae also
graduated from Stratford High School and Patricia Stevens
College in Milwaukee. She is now manager of Maurice's in the
Cedea Mall at Rice Lake. Her husband John is production
control manager of Harley Davidson and Mercury Marine at
Ambrose Bandow
Son of William and Mary Bandow, born in Colby, Wisconsin
June 1907. They moved to the Town of Frankfort in February
1916. He attended the Franklin school, graduating in 1919. He
also attended the parochial school for one year at St. John's Lu-
theran Church, Town of Wien, where he was confirmed in the
spring of 1920. He graduated from Colby High School in 1924.
Furthering his education at Madison College School ofBusiness
Administration in 1927, The Denver Bible Institute, now
Rockmont College, a pre-seminary education, graduating in
1935. He was married in October 1939.
He worked as an accountant for Nattioial Biscuit Company
and J.I. Case Company for a short time. Then he accepted his
first pastorate of the Community Presbyterian Church in Mer-
rill, Wisconsin from 1937-1941. His next pastorate was at
Neenah, Wisconsin at the First Fandamental Church from
1941-1949. While at Neenah he was also Radio Pastor for"Back
to the Bible Broadcast" from WHBYin Appleton, Wisconsin and
WNAM at Neenah until 1958.
In 1958 he moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he attended
Oglethorp University. Following graduation he became the
professor at Trinity Schools of the South, which is a Christian
Academy and College. He was also an instructor at the Atlanta
Federal Penitentiary until 1968.
Upon returning to Wisconsin, in semi-retirement he was
pastor of First Congregational Church in Friendship from 1969-
1974 and pastor of First Congregational Church at Randolph
from 1974-1977. When he retired, he moved to Madison where
one of his sons, George, lives and is a medical doctor.
Rev. and Mrs. Bandow have four sons and one daughter.
They are all married and all have a college or higher education.
Although Rev. Bandow was retired, he did tutoring in
Lincoln Middle School one day a week and participated in
teaching a Christian Business Men's Breakfast Bible Study. He
taught a Bible class at the State Prison in Waupun and at the
Minimum Security Home at Oregon. For two years he worked

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